No pets allowed

Today mum and I went walking in a hawker centre in Clementi in Singapore. I saw a sign saying “No pets allowed”. I told mum, “That’s not right”

When she asked why, I explained that in Britain the signs in shops normally say “No dogs”. They don’t say anything about cats. However this sign said no PETS, which is not right, because pets include cats.

Why? Because legally when you own a pet, it is your responsibility. However, with cats, no matter what kind of paperwork you sign for it, cats are born WILD. They are different from dogs, which are DOMESTIC.

For example, if your dog injured somebody, you would be charged or arrested, in some very serious cases. If your cat injured somebody, it won’t be your fault because cats are not trained.

You know how cats go wandering and sometimes go missing for days? Well, dogs are domestic and anything that involves the dogs will be the owner’s responsibility. If their cat was to be involved in anything, nobody would look for the owner. Cats are still owned by whoever bought or owned them, but the cats are free to do whatever they want. Dogs are different.

Dogs are trained to obey their owner’s commands and the owners are responsible for their dogs. So, when a shop says “No dogs,” the owner is responsible for making sure that the dogs are tied to a post or something if the owner is going to the shop. Nobody can blame a cat if it runs into a shop and causes havoc. So, the sign is saying that cats are not allowed to enter, even though the owners can’t do anything if it does.

Does this post make you feel any different about cat and dog behaviour?

3 thoughts on “No pets allowed

  1. In Singapore they have to be aware of the possibility of somebody stolling by with a pet seladang, or python, or kanchil, or gibbon, or silver-leaf monkey, or scaly porcupine, or burong hantu… (I made up that last one).

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