Every film I saw in August 2020

I saw LOTS of films this month. Lots. So why waste any time? Let’s get straight to it!

  • The Void

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Every film I saw in July 2020

With cinemas and new releases beginning to gradually return, the next few months should be very interesting. But for now, here is every film I saw in July, encompassing basically every genre and decade, from high art to b-movie schlock. And because finding film clips has become really tiresome, I will instead be adding One Random Observation that I had whilst watching. So let’s begin –

  • Nightcrawler

AKA “Jake Gyllenhaal goes insane for 2 hours”. Focusing on a freelance cameraman who will do anything to get a good story, Nightcrawler is a perfect depiction of a sociopathic individual and a scathing critique of news media. Gyllenhaal’s character has the demeanour and attitude of a perfectly normal and charismatic individual but peel back the surface and a very cold, cynical persona emerges. The film presents crime and the media cycle as one and the same, with neither being able to exist without the other. The film’s ending is brilliantly dark and perfect for the film’s themes of obsession and detachment from humanity. It’s on Netflix right now so give it a watch if you want unique, complex and dark storytelling from the streets of LA.

One Random Observation: “Hey, I’ve been on Santa Monica Boulevard!”

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Every film I saw in June 2020

About halfway through this month I realised I was watching too many horror films. I love the genre but I always want to make these monthly film lists more varied and I’m keen to explore genres outside my usual ones. So let’s go straight into this-

  • Porco Rosso

It appears that I watch one Studio Ghibli film a month and this month it was the highly entertaining story of a an Italian pig pilot. No I’m not joking. With a great score and beautiful visuals, Porco Rosso’s story is in typical Ghibli style very weird and vague but once again, that’s not the point. The point is to have a talking pig do talking pig things. Miyazaki has said that this was his attempt to create a simple, straightforward and fun film for the explicit purpose of watching on planes. And there’s nothing wrong with that – it shows a filmmaker willing to make any kind of film he wants and no one can tell him otherwise. It’s no Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke, but it’s not trying to be.

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Every film I saw in May 2020

Films! So. Many. Films! I have broken a record with this month, having seen more than a dozen films over the course of 31 days. I’m personally very chuffed with this achievement as it means I can talk about MORE films. Cinemas? Who needs em when you have streaming services, a television and a computer at your disposal?

  • 28 Days Later

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Every film I saw in April 2020

The world’s at a standstill, aliens apparently exist, a new crazy news story breaks about every half an hour, and it was a LOOOONG month doing not a lot but read, write, study and, of course, watch films. Lots of films. So let’s get straight to it-

  • Life of Brian

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Every film I saw in March 2020 (spoiler alert: a lot)

Well this was a crazy month wasn’t it? I started it in university getting ready for some essays, now I’m chilling at home in semi-lockdown (I can go for a run, exercise in the garden and go buy food, but that’s it) and watching A LOT of films. So let’s dive straight into probably the longest list ever-

  • Beetlejuice

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