Ascension of the Cybermen/The Timeless Children review- Doctor Who Series 12 draws to a close (SPOILERS)

Well… that certainly was something.

“And I’m going to pinch a finale from you, yet again! This ain’t the Five Doctors Ashad, no hopscotch required!”

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The Haunting of Villa Diodati review- Doctor Who Series 12

Mary Shelley needs no introduction. She’s essentially the mother of modern science fiction, and without Frankenstein science fiction may as well never exist. So a Doctor Who episode exploring her and the creation of Frankenstein is of course one Chibnall would love to tackle and… wait a minute, I know this premise! Big Finish did it first!

I’m kidding. The television show has contradicted expanded media before and I don’t expect it to now. Besides “Mary Shelley meeting the Cybermen” is such a good premise I don’t blame Chibnall for wanting to explore this plotline even if it’s technically blowing a massive hole in canon (and yes, Big Finish IS canon). Although in this episode the Doctor states time is in flux, so in one timeline the Eighth Doctor was in Villa Diodati but the Cybermen’s interference caused a split in the timeline. Oh whatever.

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Doctor Who Series 12 review- Can You Hear Me?

So… this was an… interesting episode. Yeah. We’re gonna need to talk about this one.

Why do I love Doctor Who? A lot of reasons, but I love it because it can do anything. Go anywhere, explore any ideas and tell any story. And some of the best of Doctor Who over the past 56 years has been when the show goes beyond the monster of the week, world at stake plot line that so many past episodes have used. Can You Hear Me (?) is one of those episodes. Yes, Nikola Tesla fighting scorpions and space rhinos in Gloucester are all fun and all, but Can You Hear Me (no I will not use the punctuation every time) is perhaps the most daring and interesting episode since the masterful It Takes You Away last series. Whilst I have some more mixed thoughts on this one compared to that one, I appreciate it so much. This is what I was saying last week- I can enjoy a sci fi romp like Praxeus or Kerblam, but the episodes that go above and beyond are the ones that stick in the memory.

I’d think of a cringy pun here but I have no good finger puns. Absolutely thumb. None at all.

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Doctor Who Series 12 Praxeus review

How do you follow on from last week? It’s a question that other episodes in the past have tried to answer by following heavy, arc focused and mind shattering episodes with standalone, “breather” episodes that aim to break the ice. This hasn’t always worked as Curse of the Black Spot and Orphan 55 proved but for Praxeus, it worked slightly better. Serving as a direct follow on Fugitive of the Judoon’s cliffhanger ending helped but it was still odd literally having no discussions of the events of the last episode. But ignoring the fact that this was a follow-on from the dramatic and franchise shifting last episode, is Praxeus actually good?

Um, I think so?

Rewatching the episodes before writing these reviews have really helped with my thoughts. On first watch, I found Praxeus to be a bit light weight without much happening at all and a lack of forward momentum for the arc but on a rewatch there’s a lot to like, starting off with the premise.

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Fugitive of the Judoon review: What is going on? Doctor Who Series 12 (SPOILERS)

OK, heads up. Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 8:00 last night, you’ll know that some MAJOR stuff happens in Fugitive of the Judoon. It’s impossible to discuss the episode without discussing the two major twists and as a result I will be spoiling EVERYTHING. So watch the episode then come back. Seriously.

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Doctor Who Orphan 55 review: OK, this one’s gonna be a tough one

Last series of Doctor Who, Ed Hime delivered what is now my second favourite Doctor Who story of all time. For all of Series 11’s faults, It Takes You Away was a mindblowing, innovative masterpiece that redefined what Chibnall’s era was capable of. So to say I was anticipating Orphan 55 is a bit of an understatement. Despite this, I promised to be open minded and take this as a separate episode, not as a follow up to one of my favourite stories in the Whoniverse. Orphan 55 was, in my opinion, an enjoyable episode with one fatal flaw. A fatal flaw. And it’s impossible to discuss that flaw without discussing how it harms the episode entirely. So let’s dive straight into it.

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Doctor Who Series 12 review- Spyfall (Wow)

I may be in the minority when it came to last season in that I really enjoyed it despite its flaws, but wow.


If Spyfall is any indication, Series 12 will blow Series 11 out of the water. Sure, I don’t think anything will top It Takes You Away as my favourite Thirteen story but this two hour epic wasted no time in establishing a return to the show we know and love. Not since Matt Smith left have I been this excited and invested in where the series is heading. I LOVED this story, even with the silly title. Where do we even begin?

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Defending Who: Voyage of the Damned

In this series, I’m going to be exploring Doctor Who stories that are often unfairly criticised or ignored by fandom and explore whether I think they deserve the hate. First up, the festivities on the Titanic.

It’s Christmas 2007. For some reason (either due to Primeval or some Saturday social event) I have completely bypassed Doctor Who Series 3 as it aired but on Christmas twelve years ago I am ready to watch the annual Christmas special. 70 minutes later and my seven year old mind is blown as the credits roll and I spend the night loudly and excitedly reciting the events of the episode to my mum.

That episode was Voyage of the Damned. And in the years since, it’s held a special place in my Who memories. I remember the Heavenly Host, I remember the ridiculous Buckingham Palace sequence, I remember Bannakaffalatta. I remember the Doctor (I didn’t even know who David Tennant was at the time, I just saw the Doctor and wanted to be him) flying through the sky. But is it actually good or am I being clouded by nostalgia?

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Examining Chibnall’s Doctor Who one year on- how can he get better?

When it comes to Jodie Whittaker’s era of Doctor Who so far, I enjoy it. With that said, is it perfect?




This image makes me so incredibly happy.

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Resolution review- The episode we’ve been waiting for (MAJOR SPOILERS)

In case you missed the heading, this review will contain HUGE spoilers for the Doctor Who New Year’s Day special, Resolution. If you haven’t seen the episode yet then watch it before coming back. Trust me- it’s more satisfying.

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