The books of Stephen King Part 2: ‘Salem’s Lot- Or, any vampire related joke about this one will suck so I’m not going to bother

Vampires have always been one of the most endearing pop culture creations and to be honest, I dig them. Even before Bram Stoker’s Transylvanian count, vampires have existed in popular culture and folklore for hundreds if not thousands of years. So it only seems natural that any writer wanting to explore horror will eventually write a vampire novel. Stephen King’s contribution to the vampire mythos is his second published novel and at nearly 600 pages long is a much larger, denser and richly packed text than his first. A classic tale of good and evil, ‘Salem’s Lot is the perfect October Halloween book as King explores the self destruction of small town America through the lenses of a vampire invasion.

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The books of Stephen King Part 1: Carrie- Or, this is why I’m glad prom culture isn’t a thing in England

It’s October, and for once I’m actually going to do horror related stuff across the month and not just on the 31st. Every Wednesday up till the 30th we’ll be looking at the first four Stephen King novels written under his own name. I’m not doing his collection of short stories Graveyard Shift (published in 1978) because I’m lazy and haven’t read it (plus I’m prioritising getting through The Dead Zone right now) and whilst I will discuss the Bachman books in due course let’s be honest, the first four Stephen King books written AS Stephen King are so iconic that it’ll be a shame not to go through October without discussing them. So without further ado, and considering I’ve delayed this long enough, let’s get things started with his first published novel.


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Ranking the cinematic Jokers

OK, before we do anything, let’s discuss the elephant in the room- Todd Phillips’ Joker film has had quite possibly the most ridiculous and stupid controversies, nonsense and general negativity attached to it. As a result, I’m probably not going to watch the film this weekend, instead I’ll be waiting until the student cinema at my university shows it so discussing the film will be a lot easier to discuss without a lot of the baggage attached (also it’ll be free for me if I volunteer so…). BUT, I’m still doing this post because a few stupid people on the Internet isn’t going to stop me from discussing one of the greatest villains in all of fiction and the various actors who have portrayed him. So let’s get going.

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Every film I saw in September 2019

OK, back onto the regular monthly posts after last month’s double bill. From this month on expect a wide variety of films- you may find me discussing Hitchcock or Welles one moment, then back onto the 80’s trash cult films. This is because I’ve started studying film at university so naturally will have to be watching “proper” cinema along with the stuff I usually throw into these articles. Luckily, today saw my first lecture and film screening so we’re getting some much needed variety for September. But first, the usual nonsense-

  • Mars Attacks!

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My problems with Disney

Let’s talk about Disney. I’ve never, ever, ever, liked them. As a company that is. The stuff they pinch and slap their name on I love. I love Marvel (not theirs to begin with though), Star Wars (also not theirs), Pixar (again, not theirs) and several other franchises they “make” and/or steal. But as a company, I heavily dislike them. As a child this dislike came from simply finding their animated films dull and uninteresting, but as I’ve grown older I’ve found this dislike to be deeper than just finding the musical animated films to be the epitome of cringe (barring The Nightmare Before Christmas of course). As a company, Disney are legitimately terrifying, as their devouring of Fox shows. No, I’m not going to call any Fox film a Disney film. They’re Fox films. And with the release of their streaming service Disney+ coming soon Disney seems like they want to monopolise entertainment as a whole. And that’s… not good. Let’s dive into why Disney’s control over entertainment is really, really, really, really bad.

  • The remakes
Yes, I make memes now, mostly so I don’t have to worry about stealing others.

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The books of Stephen King: Introduction

Ah, Stephen King. The name conjures up killer clowns, haunted hotels and possessed cars. For over forty years his name has been synonymous with scares, thrills and genius. King is perhaps the most famous author living today and even if you’ve never read a single book of his you surely know of his reputation, or seen a film based on one of his many stories in his gigantic bibliography.

The latest book in the King canon, out in just a handful of days.

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Every film I saw in July and August 2019- two month summer double bash

So, you were probably wondering where my July film list was. Here it is. At the end of August. Due to multiple issues, including holidays, a university application and losing track of time in this endless summer, I decided to skip July and have a big film extravaganza at the end of August, with the idea that I would have seen countless films to discuss. A noble plan in theory, but due to those aforementioned issues plus other pastimes such as reading and League of Legends my combined film total for two whole months is not quite as much as perhaps you may think. Regardless, here are the films I saw this month, and from next month we should be getting some interesting ones as that’s when I start Film Studies at university.

  • Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Why I no longer want a Skulduggery Pleasant film

In the past, I have frantically pitched the idea of a Skulduggery Pleasant film series to Hollywood. The book series by Derek Landy is one of my favourite media properties of all time and since becoming a fan of the books I’ve always wanted to see a film on the big screen. Despite this, I’ve now come to the conclusion that a film would be more harmful to the franchise than good, and here are several reasons why-

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Ben’s Month of Reviews: The Macra Terror

Thanks to the power of animation and modern technology, many of the Doctor Who stories lost in the 60’s have been restored. Particularly badly hit is Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor, a fan favourite and beloved by many but unfortunately still relatively underserved in the complete story front. Only seven stories (a third of his total) are complete and whilst stories like The Ice Warriors, The Moonbase and The Invasion are thankfully mostly around they are filled in with recreations or animation. It’s the latter format which 2Entertain has chosen to give the completely lost Troughton stories new life. His debut The Power of the Daleks was animated in 2016 and up next is The Macra Terror, a somewhat obscure but influential story from his first season. If the name “Macra” sounds familiar, it’s because they’re the big crab things from Series 3’s Gridlock. This is their debut however and it’s a fantastic dystopian narrative brought to life with fantastic animation that honours the style of the 60’s whilst updating it to a new audience.

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My problem with a female Thor and how Phase 4 can address it

Hear me out, hear me out. I don’t have a problem with a female Thor for those reasons. I’ve had this issue for years but with the recent news at San Diego Comic Con it’s time to finally address it. Marvel Studios announced their Phase 4 plans and I’m very very excited. Marhershala Ali as Blade? Yes. The Eternals coming to the big screen? Yes yes yes. A Black Widow film with David Harbour involved? Perfect. And whilst I am very excited to see Thor 4 (or Thor: Love and Thunder, which is a bit silly even by Waititi standards) one piece of news has left me apprehensive. Natalie Portman is set to return as Jane Foster and take on the role of Thor, just like her character in the comics. But here’s my problem- Thor. Is. A. Character. Not. A. Title.

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