Doctor Who Series 12 review- Can You Hear Me?

So… this was an… interesting episode. Yeah. We’re gonna need to talk about this one.

Why do I love Doctor Who? A lot of reasons, but I love it because it can do anything. Go anywhere, explore any ideas and tell any story. And some of the best of Doctor Who over the past 56 years has been when the show goes beyond the monster of the week, world at stake plot line that so many past episodes have used. Can You Hear Me (?) is one of those episodes. Yes, Nikola Tesla fighting scorpions and space rhinos in Gloucester are all fun and all, but Can You Hear Me (no I will not use the punctuation every time) is perhaps the most daring and interesting episode since the masterful It Takes You Away last series. Whilst I have some more mixed thoughts on this one compared to that one, I appreciate it so much. This is what I was saying last week- I can enjoy a sci fi romp like Praxeus or Kerblam, but the episodes that go above and beyond are the ones that stick in the memory.

I’d think of a cringy pun here but I have no good finger puns. Absolutely thumb. None at all.

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Fugitive of the Judoon review: What is going on? Doctor Who Series 12 (SPOILERS)

OK, heads up. Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 8:00 last night, you’ll know that some MAJOR stuff happens in Fugitive of the Judoon. It’s impossible to discuss the episode without discussing the two major twists and as a result I will be spoiling EVERYTHING. So watch the episode then come back. Seriously.

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Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror review: Doctor Who Series 12

So… the past seven days have been a bit of a mess when this fandom is concerned as Orphan 55 pretty much became the most toxic thing the show has done since… well, since at least Hell Bent. It got so ridiculous people were actually using The Twin Dilemma as an example as to why Chibnall’s Who is the worst thing ever but have those people actually seen The Twin Dilemma? Because I have, and let me tell you Orphan 55 is not as bad as that. So to say that Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror had some big shoes to fill with regards to uniting the fandom and making discussing the show a joy rather than a chore is a bit of an understatement. You can, in a way, compare this to Mummy on the Orient Express, which similarly followed a divisive episode. Well, I’m safe to say that Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror, which for the sake of sanity I’ll refer to as “the episode” from now on, is a fun, exciting and great episode that HAS united the fandom again. It seems Orphan 55 is a fluke, because Series 12 is on the up.

The characters have just seen Twitter react to last week’s episode.

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Love & Isolus: How did two of the most hated Doctor Who episodes end up back to back?

When it comes to Doctor Who fan opinions, nothing is fixed, especially in recent times. For the first eight or nine years of the revival however there was one common consensus- Love & Monsters is terrible, Fear Her is terrible and possibly worse (in two separate fan polls, Fear Her was rated the second worse Who story OF ALL TIME after The Twin Dilemma. It’s worth noting both polls were conducted before Kill the Moon aired). Now having two or more bad episodes in the same series is nothing special but for two equally loathed pieces of television back to back, separating the excellent Beast two parter and the dramatic Dalek/Cyberman/Torchwood war with two virtually no budget, equally bizzare and hated episodes is fascinating to me. It’s like the reverse of what would happen later in Series 4 with the beloved Midnight and Turn Left airing within a week of each other.

All revival episodes are available on iPlayer and I’m grateful because I can’t access my DVDs at home, but where is SJA Beeb?

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Doctor Who Series 12 review- Spyfall (Wow)

I may be in the minority when it came to last season in that I really enjoyed it despite its flaws, but wow.


If Spyfall is any indication, Series 12 will blow Series 11 out of the water. Sure, I don’t think anything will top It Takes You Away as my favourite Thirteen story but this two hour epic wasted no time in establishing a return to the show we know and love. Not since Matt Smith left have I been this excited and invested in where the series is heading. I LOVED this story, even with the silly title. Where do we even begin?

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Doctor Who Series 12 speculation and please hear me out with this insane theory (SPOILERS)

As you probably all know, last night Doctor Who returned. Whilst I absolutely do have thoughts on Spyfall (still, even after broadcast, a stupid name) as it’s a two parter I’ll be reviewing the story as a whole sometime next week. But for now, a really, really, insane theory/speculation for the series arc. Why am I doing this after only one episode? Because I need to vent my theory somewhere, I’ve spent the past week working on university essays and I need a brief moment to just go crazy with this random idea. But in order to do this I’m going to need to completely spoil Spyfall Part 1 so SPOILER ALERT AND DO NOT CLICK OR SCROLL DOWN PAST THE IMAGE IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE EPISODE YET…

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Ten of my favourite Doctor Who guest stars

A new series of Doctor Who is on the corner but rather than speculate about things we don’t know to be true let’s do something a bit different. Throughout its long, illustrious history the show has had a brilliant array of guest stars, and Series 12 is seeing a number of high profile actors join the Who guest star pantheon. So let’s take a look at some of the best guest performances from the shows past. Most of these will be from the revival because the original run didn’t focus as much on guest stars and actors from outside the Who sphere but when they did, they were great, as you’ll see. Also, just because I like the actor doesn’t mean I like the story, so not every story here is one I love- I just love the performance. There are also lots of great actors such as Nick Frost who were wasted with scripts that gave them nothing to do or actors like Ian McKellen who are great… at voicing a snowglobe. So not every guest actor I like is here. With that said, let’s not waste anymore time and dive straight in-

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Examining Chibnall’s Doctor Who one year on- how can he get better?

When it comes to Jodie Whittaker’s era of Doctor Who so far, I enjoy it. With that said, is it perfect?




This image makes me so incredibly happy.

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Twelve for Thirteen: Twelve writers I would love to see write for Series 12

Whilst there’s no series of Doctor Who this year, Chris Chibnall and his team are busy working on a fantastic somophore season for Jodie Whittaker and the Thirteenth Doctor for 2020. Whilst her first season wasn’t perfect (I’m looking at you Tsuranga Conundrum) it was a great series overall and the viewing figures have spoken- Doctor Who is a household name again and is dominating the pop culture discussion once again. It is a great time to be a Doctor Who fan, as for the first time in years the average person on the street might know what you’re talking about and the quality of stories have reflected the level of attention the series is now getting (not you Pting). Chibnall’s all-new writing team were great and actually better than the man himself- I wouldn’t mind any of them returning, which leads me to this post. Here are twelve writers I would love to see write for Series 12 and make the next season as good as possible-

  • Toby Whithouse

Would I really say no to the writer of my favourite Doctor Who story returning? Toby Whithouse is a Who veteran, first contributing the amazing Series 2 story School Reunion which still holds up as the strongest story from that series. His main contributions were to the Eleventh Doctor era, where his vision of the Doctor as a dark, mythical figure cropped up first in the underrated Vampires of Venice and then the magnum opus of the entire show, The God Complex, which masterfully deconstructed then reconstructed who the Doctor is. A Town Called Mercy and the Fisher King two parter are both great too, and whilst Lie of the Land was incredibly… not good I can’t really blame that entirely on him due to the difficult behind the scenes circumstances surrounding that arc. In short, any season without Whithouse is poorer off without him and his idea of the Doctor is one that I support 100%. I would have preferably wanted him as showrunner but if that’s not the case, another story would do just fine. Whithouse is a master of genre storytelling and is one of the finest writers this show has had and Lie of the Land is such a poor way to end a fantastic collection of stories.

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Why I love… Luther

I’ve spent the last month addicted to one show, and just one show- Luther. Created by Neil Cross (who I previously knew as the writer of two Doctor Who stories in Series 7), the show revolves around DCI John Luther, played by the brilliant Idris Elba, solving the most messed up and twisted crimes in London. Aided by his police colleagues and haunted by past actions, Luther navigates his way through 5 brilliantly written, expertly paced seasons of utterly compelling television.

Believe it or not, this is actually Luther in a good mood.

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