The books of Stephen King- Firestarter, or “yes, this is what Stranger Things Season 1 is based on”

Finally, I have read more Stephen King! Enough to finally have some consistency with this series! Turns out being stuck indoors is incredibly helpful when you need to get through 700 pages of killer cars (we’ll get to that) or 1,000 pages of a shape shifting clown (oh boy will we get to that), but for now, let’s look at what I’ve gathered is a relative deep cut in the King canon, which is odd considering it established a popular sci-fi trope. Stop me if you’ve heard this plot before-

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Edgar Wright, lockdown and accepting change

One of my favourite filmmakers is Edgar Wright, director of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, the amazing TV show Spaced, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, 2017’s surprise hit Baby Driver and the upcoming horror film Last Night in Soho. Am I looking forward to that film? Do I need to answer that question? You had me at “new film”, Edgar, then you go cast my favourite Doctor in a lead role! Of course I’m excited!

There are so many reasons why I adore Wright’s work, and upon reflection a key part of why myself, and so many others, are attached to his filmography is because they are a reflection on who we are as people. And with so many of us changing lifestyles recently, it’s time to explore what that means. I’ll be exploring all five of Edgar Wright’s feature films (with spoilers, so if you by some miracle haven’t seen any of his films, you literally have no excuse so go do that) and study his protagonists, all of whom are brilliantly layered individuals.

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Skulduggery Pleasant: Seasons of War review

No lockdown or virus was going to stop me getting my hands (after opening the box and ordering it online in keeping with social distancing, naturally) on the latest Skulduggery Pleasant book, Seasons of War. Serving as the start of a new trilogy, following the structure of the series in the past, this book is unlike any other in the series. I would’ve reviewed this sooner but time flies when you’re not doing much apart from reading, writing and studying. Besides, my new reading strategy of one chapter a day meant I could enjoy and absorb the book for a lot longer. As a result I will be discussing the plot and important aspects of the narrative as I’m going to assume everyone reading has finished the book.

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Every film I saw in April 2020

The world’s at a standstill, aliens apparently exist, a new crazy news story breaks about every half an hour, and it was a LOOOONG month doing not a lot but read, write, study and, of course, watch films. Lots of films. So let’s get straight to it-

  • Life of Brian

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Doctor Who (Or, How I Learnt to Stop Hating and Not Love Hell Bent)

Ever heard of second chances? Well, a couple of months ago that’s what I gave the Doctor Who Series 9 finale, Hell Bent. One of the most divisive episodes of perhaps the entire show, I was firmly in the “dislike” camp. More than dislike- in fact I remember during the 2016 hiatus my enthusiasm for televised Who dropping primarily due to how poor Hell Bent was. But, in the lead up to the Series 12 finale, I decided to give it another shot. And…

OK, I still don’t like it. At all. In fact, it’s worse than I remember. I still don’t find it a satisfying or good episode at all, with the production values and acting being the only things of merit. BUT, here’s the thing- I don’t HATE it, at least on an emotional level. I hate it as a finale and a Doctor Who story, but I’m not angry it exists. I don’t have the energy to hate pieces media anymore, to be honest.

I do however, have the energy to hate everything about this stupid promotional image and the dumb guitar and shades ruining what would’ve been an awesome Capaldi/Gallifrey shot and man that series was dumb and I’m missing my own point…

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Justice League Dark- my ideal team/some casting/plotlines for JJ Abrams to follow

It’s beginning to get quite difficult to track down how many streaming services are flying about, but one, HBO Max, is finally getting my attention due to an announcement made today. JJ Abrams will be bringing the Justice League Dark to life. This DC comic book team is my favourite comic book team. Forget the Avengers, X-Men and who needs that “proper” Justice League when we have a team of occult sorcerers, demons, ghosts and all manner of weird characters from obscure corners of DC Comics?

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The musical genre and the importance of medium awareness

I don’t hate musicals, 2013 me. Don’t be silly.

Waaaaaay back at the start of my time blogging, I did a silly little rant about how I hated musicals. Let me re-phrase that slightly-

I don’t hate musicals, I actually quite like them- in the correct medium.

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Doctor Who Series 5 and what it means to me

The best thing to come out of this lockdown in the UK has been the assembled efforts of Doctor Who fans to get together online and live tweet episodes. And it’s gone viral, with Steven Moffat, Russell T Davies, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and lots more joining in. So far we’ve had Day of the Doctor, Rose and Vincent and the Doctor. And today sees a fan re-watch of The Eleventh Hour, which is a decade old and marked the beginning of my proper obsession with Doctor Who.

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Every film I saw in March 2020 (spoiler alert: a lot)

Well this was a crazy month wasn’t it? I started it in university getting ready for some essays, now I’m chilling at home in semi-lockdown (I can go for a run, exercise in the garden and go buy food, but that’s it) and watching A LOT of films. So let’s dive straight into probably the longest list ever-

  • Beetlejuice

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How will the coronavirus pandemic affect cinemas? The future of film is streaming

Last year, the film industry suffered from a string of under performing blockbusters. The problem in 2019 was oversaturation- too many films at the same time. But in 2020, it seemed studios, having learnt their lesson, spread things out a bit. We had Bond in April, Black Widow in May, Wonder Woman in June… the film calendar seemed set for the year.

And then…

Across the world, cinemas have closed, films have been delayed and productions shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. James Bond and Black Widow are two of the biggest casualties. But they’re just the start. Disney have basically cancelled their other films (including The New Mutants, which is THE most cursed film in history), Universal have released all their films online early and the film industry is losing millions by the day. It’s a situation understandably out of their control, but here’s the thing- I think Hollywood can not only recover, but use this situation as a testing ground for new means of film distribution.

Hey, at least the delay means I have more time to marathon the Daniel Craig films.

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