My first film review – Lorax

Hi! Welcome to my first film review- and it’s a new one too. The Lorax. If your a big fan of Dr Seuss, you might know what I’m talking about. It is abut how a young boy, Ted, wants to give his girlfriend, Audrey a tree. Yes, a tree. The reason being that there are no trees where they live. He talks to a strange man called the Once-ler and the Once-ler tells Ted the story of the Lorax, a creature that speaks for the trees. It is a great film, great for the family because of the colours and humor .  There are jokes, action and songs all combined in one. The things in it include skateboarding grannies, dancing bears and mad mayors. (I watched this on the plane to Singapore.)

All in all, inside all the jokes and songs, it tells a serious message about what the world would be like if all the trees vanished. Isn’t it terrible if there are no trees left on the planet?

I think it is an enjoyable film because it hides a serious message about the environment inside a colourful world. It implies we need to look after trees because of how important trees are to everyone. After all, in Ted’s town, oxygen gets sold in bottles, not produced naturally by trees. Although I have not read the book, I personally think that this is a job well done in the story, directing and characters.  Who could forget a crazy mayor who is a midget? I heard that the Cat in the Hat is being released as a animation as well, so I can look forward to that.


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