The books of Stephen King Part 2: ‘Salem’s Lot- Or, any vampire related joke about this one will suck so I’m not going to bother

Vampires have always been one of the most endearing pop culture creations and to be honest, I dig them. Even before Bram Stoker’s Transylvanian count, vampires have existed in popular culture and folklore for hundreds if not thousands of years. So it only seems natural that any writer wanting to explore horror will eventually write a vampire novel. Stephen King’s contribution to the vampire mythos is his second published novel and at nearly 600 pages long is a much larger, denser and richly packed text than his first. A classic tale of good and evil, ‘Salem’s Lot is the perfect October Halloween book as King explores the self destruction of small town America through the lenses of a vampire invasion.

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The books of Stephen King Part 1: Carrie- Or, this is why I’m glad prom culture isn’t a thing in England

It’s October, and for once I’m actually going to do horror related stuff across the month and not just on the 31st. Every Wednesday up till the 30th we’ll be looking at the first four Stephen King novels written under his own name. I’m not doing his collection of short stories Graveyard Shift (published in 1978) because I’m lazy and haven’t read it (plus I’m prioritising getting through The Dead Zone right now) and whilst I will discuss the Bachman books in due course let’s be honest, the first four Stephen King books written AS Stephen King are so iconic that it’ll be a shame not to go through October without discussing them. So without further ado, and considering I’ve delayed this long enough, let’s get things started with his first published novel.


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The books of Stephen King: Introduction

Ah, Stephen King. The name conjures up killer clowns, haunted hotels and possessed cars. For over forty years his name has been synonymous with scares, thrills and genius. King is perhaps the most famous author living today and even if you’ve never read a single book of his you surely know of his reputation, or seen a film based on one of his many stories in his gigantic bibliography.

The latest book in the King canon, out in just a handful of days.

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Why I no longer want a Skulduggery Pleasant film

In the past, I have frantically pitched the idea of a Skulduggery Pleasant film series to Hollywood. The book series by Derek Landy is one of my favourite media properties of all time and since becoming a fan of the books I’ve always wanted to see a film on the big screen. Despite this, I’ve now come to the conclusion that a film would be more harmful to the franchise than good, and here are several reasons why-

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Good Omens mini-series review

Sooo, I’m an idiot and accidentally published the Stranger Things 3 review literally a day after my Spider-Man one so we got two reviews in a row. Well, it’s been a over a week since the last review so it’s once again time to dive into my totally-not-messed-up-at-this-point Month of Reviews and take a look at the Good Omens mini-series that debuted on Amazon Prime earlier this year. Based on the novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, the mini-series has been making waves due to its fun story, unique mythology and amazing dynamic between series leads David Tennant and Michael Sheen. As a huge fan of Gaiman’s work and as someone who wants to get into Pratchett, this series was a must watch for me. That plus the “Doctor Who effect*” was put into effect and I just had to check this out. Not only is Good Omens hilarious and unique, it’s also intelligent and ingeniously written in its perfectly paced six episodes.

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Skulduggery Pleasant: Bedlam review

It took me a bit longer to read through the latest Skulduggery Pleasant instalment, not the fault of the book itself but due to my exams. Now that they’ve been over and done with, I can finally discuss the brilliant twelfth instalment of the Skulduggery Pleasant saga. Oh boy, what a book this is. At nearly 600 pages this is an epic book and not a word is wasted. Derek Landy crams so much in this book it is quite an achievement. Without further ado, let’s dive into this beast-

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Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked- Why it’s the best book in the series

Last week saw the release of Skulduggery Pleasant: Bedlam, the twelfth book in the greatest fantasy series of all time. In 2017 I did a series of posts going through each Phase 1 Skulduggery Pleasant book and describing them all, and in Part Three I promised to go in-depth into my favourite book in the series, Kingdom of the Wicked, and look at why it’s my favourite. Well, today is the day I explain my reasoning, as the seventh book in the series is still the high point of the saga in my opinion. When I last talked about this book I went spoiler free, but now, the gloves are off. Let’s dive into this masterpiece spoilers and all.

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What I’m looking forward to in 2019

Another year done and dusted- and what a year it’s been for nerdom. A new Doctor arrived, Thanos killed half the universe (SPOILER ALERT for the three people who don’t know), the Skeleton Detective got political and del Toro won his Oscar. 2019 promises to be huge, so without further ado it’s time to reveal what I am looking forward this year in terms of films, television shows and books. We are returning to Hawkins, visiting our favourite drunk reality jumping cynical genius once again, travelling to a galaxy far far away and the most underrated comic book hero of all time is getting a new coat of red. 2019 is going to be huge.

Whilst the Doctor takes yet another hiatus for no reason other than the fact that the BBC cannot schedule their own programmes correctly let’s see what else the year has to offer.

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My ten favourite characters

In fiction, there are characters who speak to you, and characters who enthrall you. As a devourer of pop culture I have witnessed the stories of countless characters, and assembling a list of my favourites was hard. Do I include Tim Burton’s musically inclined skeleton Jack Skellington? The hilariously witty Ian Malcolm? The pop culture juggernaut Batman? The morally complex V? The smug wit and hilarity of Arnold Rimmer? After much deliberation, I have finally got a list together, encompassing some of my favourite films, TV shows and books. Let’s start with the greatest comedy character of all time-

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Skulduggery Pleasant: Midnight review

The latest book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series has been out for a while now, and after spending the past two weeks engrossed in the latest book involving Derek Landy’s Skeleton Detective, I am desperate for more. This book is once again a strong and captivating read that effortlessly continues the story established in the past ten books, whilst never feeling derivative. Midnight continues from the semi-cliffhanger of Resurrection, and sees a grown up Valkyrie and a more forlorn Skulduggery once again being forced to work together and fight the forces of darkness.

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