Defending Who: Voyage of the Damned

In this series, I’m going to be exploring Doctor Who stories that are often unfairly criticised or ignored by fandom and explore whether I think they deserve the hate. First up, the festivities on the Titanic.

It’s Christmas 2007. For some reason (either due to Primeval or some Saturday social event) I have completely bypassed Doctor Who Series 3 as it aired but on Christmas twelve years ago I am ready to watch the annual Christmas special. 70 minutes later and my seven year old mind is blown as the credits roll and I spend the night loudly and excitedly reciting the events of the episode to my mum.

That episode was Voyage of the Damned. And in the years since, it’s held a special place in my Who memories. I remember the Heavenly Host, I remember the ridiculous Buckingham Palace sequence, I remember Bannakaffalatta. I remember the Doctor (I didn’t even know who David Tennant was at the time, I just saw the Doctor and wanted to be him) flying through the sky. But is it actually good or am I being clouded by nostalgia?

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