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Five Marvel characters that would make great Netflix shows

It’s no secret that Marvel rules the silver screen. With the interlocked Marvel Cinematic Universe dominating cinemas, it’s easy to forget the Marvel TV shows, especially when the films themselves do. Since 2015 Netflix has been producing shows based on Marvel comics, intended for an older audience. These shows are dark, gritty and suited to the more adult material that Netflix produces. Launching off the success of Daredevil, the Netflix shows have become a universe in their own right. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist came soon after, with The Defenders crossover and The Punisher quickly joining them. However I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the shows are all the same- a gritty anti-hero lives in New York following “the Incident”. The first half has them slowly unravel a conspiracy with the main villain revealing themselves about halfway through and there’s a hallway fight somewhere because of course there is. There is angst, violence, flashbacks and subplots galore. I’m not saying the shows are bad (I haven’t even seen Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Punisher or The Defenders as I’m just not interested) but they are all in the same mould and to be honest, it’s getting a bit tiresome and I don’t find the heroes that interesting. Iron Fist has just been cancelled and I don’t see how the shows can survive without variety in the kind of heroes they focus on. Daredevil Season 3 comes out today, and whilst the show will continue to be outstanding, the Netflix shows as a whole need change and I have five characters who can help with that…

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The Ghost Monument review: Chibnall goes old school

After last week’s epic introduction to the Thirteenth Doctor, Chris Chibnall has restored Doctor Who to a level of popularity not seen since the 50th anniversary. He has followed this up with a fairly risky episode (although not as risky as next week… oh boy…) which evokes the show’s beginnings- The Ghost Monument is an incredibly slow burning episode, evoking the show’s early epics like The Keys of Marinus and creating a fully fledged alien world for the characters to learn to adapt to. Whilst not as impactful as last week’s this was a nice exploration episode that focused on making these disparate individuals work together.

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The Woman Who Fell to Earth review- The Thirteenth Doctor is here to stay

After months and months of waiting, we have finally reached The Thirteenth Doctor. Yesterday saw the debut episode of Jodie Whittaker’s era of Doctor Who, and it was worth the wait. Whilst far from being the greatest episode ever, The Woman Who Fell to Earth is a very enjoyable, refreshing start to what I hope is a solid season of Doctor Who. This episode channelled the best of the Tennant/Smith years and had a similar vibe to last year’s The Pilot, except with added freshness and darkness.

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Why I love The Good Place

One of the great joys of Netflix is discovering new shows to fall in love with. Over this past summer, it’s been fantastic to watch Micheal Schur’s genius sit-com The Good Place. The premise is simple- Eleanor Shellstrop is dead, and is in “The Good Place”. This is a place where people who have done exceptionally good things in life go when they die- everyone else goes to the Bad Place. This is good news for Eleanor- except she’s not supposed to be here. She is a¬†terrible person, and there’s clearly been a mistake. With the help of her “soulmate” Chidi and her neighbours Tahani (a rich, spoilt British philantrophist) and Jianyu (a mute Buddhist monk), Eleanor must become a better person in order to stay in The Good Place. The Good Place neighbourhood is overseen by the immortal being Micheal and assisted by the AI Janet. After the first night ends with flying shrimp in the sky, Eleanor must try and hide her secret whilst trying to earn her place in the Good Place. Hilarity ensues.

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Why Tim Burton’s Batman Returns is the best Batman film

Yes, you read that right. Tim Burton’s 1992 opus is the finest cinematic offering the Dark Knight has had. It’s not even close. Sure, Nolan’s Batman films (well, the first two) are great films, and it’s true Burton’s original 1989 film started the modern superhero scene as we know it… but it’s his sequel that captures his eccentricity and his genius, takes the Batman mythos in the darkest, most unique direction possible and stands as one of the finest comic book movies ever. In honour of the fifth International Batman Day, let’s take a look at Burton’s classic film and why it is so utterly brilliant.

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A reduxed review of the Girl Who Waited

Hello, my old nemesis. For anyone who doesn’t know, this one episode of Doctor Who has bothered me since it first aired. As a kid I found it boring, then when I tried watching it properly I found it absolutely dreadful. It was contrived, boring and lazy and proudly became my least favourite episode. At least that’s what I thought when I was younger. Having not seen the episode in a few years, I decided to watch it again, with the assumption that it was a good episode I was too stupid to understand. I must thank the Twelfth Doctor era first of all for giving me several new choices for worst episode ever, making me view every Eleventh Doctor episode I didn’t like (except the stupid tree episode) in a much better light, including this one. Having now watched The Girl Who Waited again, my final thoughts are…

Yeah, it’s pretty good.

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What does “Best Popular Film” mean to the Oscars?

Ah, the Academy Awards. Every time I give you the benefit of the doubt, you surprise me in the weirdest ways. Yesterday, the Academy announced a new category for next year- the “Best Popular Film” award. This surely means that superhero films are going to win right? Black Panther is going to walk away with an Oscar! This is great! Except… it really isn’t. Everything about this move seems cynical and manufactured to avoid giving a precious Best Picture slot to Black Panther and other acclaimed genre films this year.

Wakanda forev… wait what do you mean we’re not nominated?

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50 Greatest New Series scenes- Part Two

No dilly dallying here, let’s proceed with the countdown and see what my favourite New Series moment is-

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50 Greatest New Series scenes- Part One

Series 11 is coming. A new Doctor, a new era. Now is the time to look back on the brilliance of the past 13 years, which has encompassed four Doctors and ten seasons. Whilst I could discuss the best episodes, that would be harder than this list, so let’s look at the best moments of the revived show. With over a hundred episodes to choose from, picking 50 was hard. I’ve decided to limit the list to one moment per story, and to leave the quality of the episode aside to focus on the moment in question. There’s too much to go through, so I’ve split the list up-

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My ten favourite Doctor Who companions

One constant of Doctor Who is the companion. Designed as the audience surrogate, the companion has evolved into one of the essentials of the show. With a character as large and cosmic as the Doctor, a more grounded and¬†relatable figure is vital to keep the show alive. Whether they’re savages, Time Lords, robots, from present day Earth, Time Agents or Highlanders, the Doctor Who companion is always a big deal. We’re getting three with the Thirteenth Doctor, so let’s look back at 54 years of companions and count down my absolute favourites. Let’s start with the ever loyal Last Centurion-

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