Every film I saw in May 2020

Films! So. Many. Films! I have broken a record with this month, having seen more than a dozen films over the course of 31 days. I’m personally very chuffed with this achievement as it means I can talk about MORE films. Cinemas? Who needs em when you have streaming services, a television and a computer at your disposal?

  • 28 Days Later

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Edgar Wright, lockdown and accepting change

One of my favourite filmmakers is Edgar Wright, director of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, the amazing TV show Spaced, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, 2017’s surprise hit Baby Driver and the upcoming horror film Last Night in Soho. Am I looking forward to that film? Do I need to answer that question? You had me at “new film”, Edgar, then you go cast my favourite Doctor in a lead role! Of course I’m excited!

There are so many reasons why I adore Wright’s work, and upon reflection a key part of why myself, and so many others, are attached to his filmography is because they are a reflection on who we are as people. And with so many of us changing lifestyles recently, it’s time to explore what that means. I’ll be exploring all five of Edgar Wright’s feature films (with spoilers, so if you by some miracle haven’t seen any of his films, you literally have no excuse so go do that) and study his protagonists, all of whom are brilliantly layered individuals.

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Every film I saw in April 2020

The world’s at a standstill, aliens apparently exist, a new crazy news story breaks about every half an hour, and it was a LOOOONG month doing not a lot but read, write, study and, of course, watch films. Lots of films. So let’s get straight to it-

  • Life of Brian

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Every film I saw in March 2020 (spoiler alert: a lot)

Well this was a crazy month wasn’t it? I started it in university getting ready for some essays, now I’m chilling at home in semi-lockdown (I can go for a run, exercise in the garden and go buy food, but that’s it) and watching A LOT of films. So let’s dive straight into probably the longest list ever-

  • Beetlejuice

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How will the coronavirus pandemic affect cinemas? The future of film is streaming

Last year, the film industry suffered from a string of under performing blockbusters. The problem in 2019 was oversaturation- too many films at the same time. But in 2020, it seemed studios, having learnt their lesson, spread things out a bit. We had Bond in April, Black Widow in May, Wonder Woman in June… the film calendar seemed set for the year.

And then…

Across the world, cinemas have closed, films have been delayed and productions shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. James Bond and Black Widow are two of the biggest casualties. But they’re just the start. Disney have basically cancelled their other films (including The New Mutants, which is THE most cursed film in history), Universal have released all their films online early and the film industry is losing millions by the day. It’s a situation understandably out of their control, but here’s the thing- I think Hollywood can not only recover, but use this situation as a testing ground for new means of film distribution.

Hey, at least the delay means I have more time to marathon the Daniel Craig films.

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Star Wars: The Rise of Very Mixed Thoughts (spoilers)

Yes, I’m talking about Star Wars on the Internet. I’m going to further controversy by saying that I didn’t just love The Last Jedi, but I consider it to be the most interesting, unique and re-watchable Star Wars film. Was it perfect? No. But I admired it for taking the franchise in directions I would never imagine and how it dared to explore the mythos of Star Wars beyond just worldbuilding. Whilst I really enjoyed The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi is what made me a fan of what the sequel trilogy was trying to do. And as a lifelong fan of ALL the films and expanded universe, I was obviously hyped for The Rise of Skywalker.

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Every film I saw in November 2019

This was a crazy month for me. A birthday, the university going on strike and a random assortment of films to add to my ever expanding repertoire. So let’s get straight to it-

  • Terminator: Dark Fate

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V For Vendetta retrospective- A great comic AND film

It’s Bonfire Night so fine, let’s do this, let’s talk about the only good Bonfire Night related media that exists. First published in 1982, Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s seminal comic book V For Vendetta depicts a totalitarian Britain run by the sinister Norsefire. A teenage girl named Evey is roped into working for a mysterious masked vigilante simply known as V, who wears a Guy Fawkes mask and plans to overthrow the government, planning to blow up the Houses of Parliament on the 5th of November. But is V right? Is he a lone figure battling fascism? Does he have good intentions with bad methods? Or is he simply insane? These questions, and more, form the basis of the story.

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Every film I saw in October 2019

This… this has been a crazy month for my film watching. Thanks to uni this month’s list will be a mixture of classical Hollywood films and whatever I happen to have the time to watch. And, to top it all off, I didn’t even watch a single horror film. With that said, let’s get to it, and try to guess which ones I saw for my course-

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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Is Marvel cinema? Of course it is

As much as I would love to keep October spooky, we have an emergency to attend to. Recently, several high profile film directors have spoken out against superhero films, in particular the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The two big names speaking out are film legends- Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. To be honest, both sides of this argument are behaving pretty badly on Twitter but fortunately blogs exist to address the balance better. So with that said- let’s get to the nitty gritty of this argument- is Marvel cinema?

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