I am an 18 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. My first love was, and will always be, Doctor Who. Comic books, science fiction, horror, fantasy and weird fiction are my other passions, although give me a good film, television show or book from any genre and I will probably appreciate it. Probably.

Here’s some random info you neither need or want to know-

My twenty favourite films of all time are-

  1. The World’s End
  2. The Lord of the Rings
  3. Pan’s Labyrinth
  4. Serenity
  5. Up
  6. Batman Returns
  7. Jurassic Park
  8. Whiplash
  9. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  10. Groundhog Day
  11. Spider-Man 2
  12. The Empire Strikes Back
  13. Alien
  14. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  15. Logan
  16. Unbreakable
  17. The Thing
  18. Pacific Rim
  19. V For Vendetta
  20. Donnie Darko

My ten favourite television shows are-

  1. Doctor Who
  2. Firefly
  3. Rick and Morty
  4. Stranger Things
  5. The Good Place
  6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  7. Luther
  8. Red Dwarf
  9. Castlevania
  10. Merlin

My ten favourite directors are-

  1. Guillermo del Toro
  2. Edgar Wright
  3. Terry Gilliam
  4. Tim Burton
  5. John Carpenter
  6. Steven Spielberg
  7. Peter Jackson
  8. Taika Waititi
  9. Sam Raimi
  10. Hayao Miyazaki

My ten favourite Doctor Who stories are-

  1. The God Complex
  2. It Takes You Away
  3. Inferno
  4. The War Games
  5. Vincent and the Doctor
  6. Human Nature/The Family of Blood
  7. Kinda
  8. Genesis of the Daleks
  9. Remembrance of the Daleks
  10. The Waters of Mars

And my five favourite writers are-

  1. Neil Gaiman
  2. Stephen King
  3. Derek Landy
  4. Alan Moore
  5. HP Lovecraft

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, from the United States! The stereotypes are true. Americans are mostly stupid, with the exception of the Russian/similarly foriegn ancestry sharing scientists with last names like: krubnicktilischterntienemni. You should look up ” stupid Americans” on YouTube. I wish I could laugh at it. I am stuck here. I am a big fan. You seem like one of the few kids/people in the western hemisphere that can have a constructive thought. Oh, wait, it is probably due to the fact that you live in the eastern hemisphere where you don’t eat Chinese lead for breakfast.

  2. Hey there, I really like your blog and website – it’s really fun, especially the bit on Doctor Who 😀 (Massive Whoven, can’t help it!) Please keep writing more!!!! Because it’s brilliant!

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