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Weekly Photo Challenge: Close – Return of Georgy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close


Yep, she’s back and even better than before! The picture is of Georgy on my dad’s hand (In case you don’t know about Georgy, visit my previous post which is at the bottom of the page). You need to have toughness to hold her as her claws are VERY sharp! I’ve also heard that blue-tongued skinks have painful bites too. Sounds dangerous? Well, as long as you don’t disturb her when she’s in a bad mood, you’re safe!

Wait, am I being photographed?


About Ben Williams

I am a 17 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. I write about Doctor Who, superheroes, fantasy, films and occasionally dive into the random world of British culture.

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  1. what a pretty girl…

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  4. Yuck, what is it? Snake? Reptile?
    But it’s a good picture. I prefer not to meet one though.

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  6. Georgy looks quite content!

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