What I’m looking forward to in 2019

Another year done and dusted- and what a year it’s been for nerdom. A new Doctor arrived, Thanos killed half the universe (SPOILER ALERT for the three people who don’t know), the Skeleton Detective got political and del Toro won his Oscar. 2019 promises to be huge, so without further ado it’s time to reveal what I am looking forward this year in terms of films, television shows and books. We are returning to Hawkins, visiting our favourite drunk reality jumping cynical genius once again, travelling to a galaxy far far away and the most underrated comic book hero of all time is getting a new coat of red. 2019 is going to be huge.

Whilst the Doctor takes yet another hiatus for no reason other than the fact that the BBC cannot schedule their own programmes correctly let’s see what else the year has to offer.

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Why I love The Good Place

One of the great joys of Netflix is discovering new shows to fall in love with. Over this past summer, it’s been fantastic to watch Micheal Schur’s genius sit-com The Good Place. The premise is simple- Eleanor Shellstrop is dead, and is in “The Good Place”. This is a place where people who have done exceptionally good things in life go when they die- everyone else goes to the Bad Place. This is good news for Eleanor- except she’s not supposed to be here. She is a terrible person, and there’s clearly been a mistake. With the help of her “soulmate” Chidi and her neighbours Tahani (a rich, spoilt British philantrophist) and Jianyu (a mute Buddhist monk), Eleanor must become a better person in order to stay in The Good Place. The Good Place neighbourhood is overseen by the immortal being Micheal and assisted by the AI Janet. After the first night ends with flying shrimp in the sky, Eleanor must try and hide her secret whilst trying to earn her place in the Good Place. Hilarity ensues.

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