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Weird theatre superstitions

The Three Witches by Johann Heinrich Füssli.

The Three Witches by Johann Heinrich Füssli. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello!  Do you like superstitions? Come into my lair and find out…

I was finding some facts about Macbeth yesterday and discovered lots of strange facts about the Macbeth curse. It’s a curse linked with Macbeth because of the three witches. This got me thinking about other theatre superstitions.

But I’ve already talked about Shakespeare in one post, so today I’m going to talk about the theatre. Even today there are tons of weird superstitions about the theatre. I’ve done some research and found these facts.

Here are just some:

  • Saying lines from Macbeth before a performance is unlucky. Also, actors say “The Scottish Play” instead of Macbeth to avoid the curse. This is because some people think that the witches’ chant in the play is real.
  • Do not wish actors good luck, as this is unlucky. Say break a leg or bad luck before a play.
  • It is bad luck to whistle on or off stage. This is because in the olden days, the stage hands would use whistles to change scenery. If an actor is whistling, the stage hands might have changed scenery. Nowadays lighting or a curtain is used.
  • No real money or jewelry should be used on stage as it might get stolen.
  • You must always have an audience to perform to. In some companies, the producer gets reviewers, family and friends to see the dress rehearsal.
  • A bad dress rehearsal is the sign of a good opening night.
  • Flowers and other gifts should be given to the actors after a performance.
  • Peacock feathers are a no-no.

So, if you are thinking of doing a performance, remember these rules… Good luck!


Thursday the 14th

Get the joke? Because Friday the 13th– Thursday the 14th!

Hahahahhahahhahahhahahhaahha… yes I know it’s not funny. But the superstition that Friday the 13th is unluckly as 13 is the number of people at the last supper and it took place on Good Friday. But everyone knows that one. Here are some more superstitions– some are very silly! I have found all of these superstitions from this website.

Illustration for "The Black Cat" by ...

Illustration for “The Black Cat” by Aubrey Beardsley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • A loaf of bread should never been turned upside down after a piece has been sliced from it
  • Never take a broom with you when you move house
  • If the first butterfly you see in the year is white, you will have good luck
  • If a black cat walks towards you you will have good luck; if it walks away you will have bad luck
  •  An acorn in the window will keep lightning out
  • If a dog howls when someone is sick, it brings misfortune
  • A horseshoe in on the bedroom door keeps bad dreams away
  • Dropping an umbrella in the house means a murder will take place
  • If you dream of a lizard you have a secret enemy

    A horseshoe on a door is regarded as a protect...

    A horseshoe on a door is regarded as a protective talisman in some cultures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 However, my mum knows a lot of Chinese superstitions like:
  • Do not point at the moon or your ear will be cut
  • The Chinese unlucky number is 4 as 4 in Chinese is pronounced like the word for death
  • Do not put chopsticks straight into your bowl as it looks like incense for the dead
  • You cannot give anyone a clock as the expression for giving a clock to someone is the same as paying your last respects to somebody who died in Chinese
  • If you lose a tooth in China you throw your bottom teeth on the roof and your upper teeth under your bed. Also, China have no Tooth Fairy. What a shame!

Chopsticks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 What other superstitions can you think of?