My Top Ten Rick And Morty Episodes

Last year I gushed about my favourite fictional characters, and sweeping his way into the top five was Rick Sanchez, the antihero who leads Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s amazing cartoon series Rick And Morty. Season 4 premiers today (what a great birthday gift!) and it is one of my favourite shows, expertly blending humour with clever and powerful storytelling. It is the final piece of the sci-fi comedy trifecta that began with Red Dwarf, continued with Futurama and concluded with Rick and Morty.

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5 great TV bottle episodes

Television is a vast and varied format, and it’s often the episodes that break the norm of their shows that often end up being the most acclaimed. By stripping the show down to its base elements, some of the most beloved episodes in television history are “bottle episodes”. These episodes take place in a single location and only feature the core characters, or even less. These episodes are devised to save budgets and reduce the need for vast locations or guest stars, although sometimes it’s due to a desire to try something different. These five episodes from television shows I love prove that sometimes less is more, and have been responsible for some of the finest outings for their respective shows.

  • Doctor Who- Midnight

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