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Southampton SeaCity Museum

This half term I went to Southampton and the SeaCity Museum. The museum is mostly about the Titanic, but there are other areas worth visiting. I’ve been to the museum twice now, and there were new things I noticed the second time I went there. So here I’m going to go through why the SeaCity Museum is worth a visit.

SeaCity Museum Southampton location

The main part is of course the Titanic section. It’s a hugely informative area with in depth historical context behind the ship and the aftermath of the sinking. The most interesting section to me was the section detailing the trial to figure out who was most responsible for the sinking. The whole room was like a real life court room, with images and sound on a screen showing the trial. The judge was questioning if binoculars were used on the ship, and it turned out that they were. However, binoculars were not used on the trip from Southampton to America. The judges also questioned the responses of other ships. The trial concluded that all ships needed binoculars and multiple lookouts in the future to prevent a disaster like the Titanic again.

The other areas detailing the Titanic story were great in conveying the full story. There was a section with interviews of survivors from about 20 years ago, which were very engaging and helped paint a picture of what it was like on the Titanic. There was a pocket watch which stopped at the exact time it hit the water. It’s quite strange and surreal seeing a watch over 100 years old.

The rest of the Titanic section was all about the construction of the ship and what life was like on the ship. There was an interactive section about driving the ship as well as detailed accounts of the people on the ship. It’s really in depth and if anyone wants to know anything about the Titanic, this is a great place to visit. It opened on the 100th anniversary of the sinking in 2012 and I went there with my Year 6 class to revise for our school performance. Going back now I remembered quite a lot but got reminded of a lot of sections and other bits of information.

As I live near Southampton, I find the story of the Titanic quite personal and relevant. I studied it in Year 2 and did a play on it in Year 6. The city mainly serves as my main shopping and leisure centre, however the history behind it makes it more interesting.

There is another section to the museum detailing Southampton’s links with the rest of the world. There is a lot of material from countries all over the world and an interactive map detailing Southampton’s growth from the Stone Age to now. It’s really interesting and I learnt a lot. As a major port city, many people left the UK from Southampton and many arrived from it. During the Second World War, many children from Spain fled the country due to the Spanish Civil War and arrived in Southampton. That’s something I’d like to know more about.

Overall, the SeaCity Museum is worth a visit. Anyone interested in the Titanic story or the story of Southampton should definitely go and visit.




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I am a 17 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. I write about Doctor Who, superheroes, fantasy, films and occasionally dive into the random world of British culture.

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  1. And, of course, the wonderful interior decor of the building, and the toilet in the original police station cells. I liked the map that shows the houses in Southampton where victims of the disaster had lived and the graphic that showed all the stores that were taken on board.

  2. I have not been to this museum and feel inspired to go now -thank you!

  3. Thank you for a really interesting review. I had no idea that this museum existed ; I must make time to visit it.
    One small correction – the Spanish Civil War took place just before WW2 and not during it.

  4. Helen Williams

    It sounds like a really interesting museum. Like many other people, I find the whole story of the Titanic fascinating and would love to visit the museum to find out more about it. There’s a rather interesting conspiracy theory that the ship that sunk wasn’t actually the Titanic, but its sister ship, The Olympic, and it was sunk on purpose as an insurance scam. There are so many stories (Some true, some questionable) around the Titanic, that I don’t think I could ever get tired of learning about it!

  5. One reason I’ve heard for the few lifeboats on Titanic was that it was believed that the new-fangled radio would summon help quickly, so the lifeboats would only be used for ferrying people between the stricken ship and the rescue boats or land. They didn’t expect the full ship’s complement would have to fit in all of the boats at the same time. I don’t know whether this is fact or theory, but a few years earlier another ship had foundered nearer the coast, and lifeboats had been successfully used in this way.


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