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The obligatory Series 9 hype post

Series 9 is TOMORROW! Just typing that makes me feel giddy and excited. Of course I’ll be in front of the television at 7:40 tomorrow, scarf, hat, jelly babies and jammy dodgers galore ready to watch the Magician’s Apprentice. So here I am with my crazy theories, hopes and expectations.

Because I’ll be discussing official news, spoilerphobes and people who don’t like reading Doctor Who news are advised to stop reading. But for the rest of us, let’s dive in!


There is a very high chance that Gallifrey will play a key role in the series. With Skaro already returning, it only seems sensible that Gallifrey will come back as well. Episode 11’s cliffhanger will apparently be game changing, so my prediction is a return of Gallifrey or old Time Lords. A returning foe other than the Master and the Daleks will apparently be making an appearance in the opener, so my guess is that Omega, Morbius or Rassilon are pulling the strings behind the scenes. Although Davros is also heavily rumoured to be returning as well, so that is a possibility too.

The Daleks are also a subject of debate too. As shown in the trailers, all the Dalek types are going to be in the opener, including awesome Supreme Dalek and the Special Weapons Dalek (YES!) I think that the Master will be acting as a double agent for both the Daleks and the Doctor, while she is secretly tricking both sides, manipulating them into her own agenda. She is probably an agent for the Big Bad (I want it to be Omega) and knowing the Master she will probably be betraying them as well. Again, this is all just my theory. I’m excited to see the Master and Daleks together in an episode, as well as how her interactions with Clara will be after Series 8.

So what about other Time Lords? Well, I would like Romana to appear, with K9 in tow. I think the finale will be a Time Lord bonanza, with the Doctor, the Master, Omega/Morbius and hopefully Romana/Susan.

Hopes and expectations

I hope Series 9 is absolutely amazing, but on top of that I hope that it will be even better than Series 8. While beating my number one favourite series, Series 4, is going to be tough, if the episode quality is good enough then it may be able to beat it. Series 8 had one bad story (In the Forest of the Night) and one story with lots of missed potential (Kill the Moon), which left 9 stories which ranged from pretty good (Into the Dalek, The Caretaker) to amazing (the rest of the series).

The amount of two parters in Series 9 means there is a lower chance of a bad story. If there is one, it’s probably going to be Episode 9, which is apparently going to be experimental and shot in a first person style. Oh, I’m not dreading that episode at all, just being cautious as experimental episodes can be brilliant or awful.

UPDATE: The titles have now been revealed. They are-

  • The Magician’s Apprentice & The Witch’s Familiar
  • Under the Lake & Before the Flood
  • The Girl Who Died
  • The Woman Who Lived
  •  The Zygon Invasion & The Zygon Inversion,
  • Sleep No More
  • Face the Raven
  • Heaven Sent & Hell Bent

Based on these titles and what we know, here are my most anticipated stories-

  • The Magician’s Apprentice /The Witch’s Familiar- This looks set to be an even better opener than the Impossible Astronaut, and seeing how that is one of my favourite stories, this makes me so so excited for this two parter. Missy, Daleks of all sorts, mysterious new villains and a mighty big cliffhanger mean this story is going to be awesome!
  • Under the Lake/Before the Flood- An intriguing plot and titles coupled with the writer of the God Complex and some interesting monsters means I cannot wait for this story. I always love base under siege stories.
  • Face the Raven- I know nothing about this story, but the title and the basic plot information (invisible streets) mean I am definitely intrigued.

UPDATE UPDATE: Clara has been confirmed to be leaving the show in Series 9. So now is a good time to speculate on the next companion, which I’ve already talked about. Phew. That saves me a post.

An awesome series is almost here, and I am literally bursting with excitement at the return of my favourite character (now THAT’s a post for another time). While I won’t do weekly episode reviews like last time, as they were very exhausting to write, I will do a post explaining my thoughts on the two parters after Part 2 of the story airs. If the episodes are like last year, then we will have a fantastic series.


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