Top 5 Twelfth Doctor scenes

With Series 9 on the horizon, I feel it’s time to reflect on the Twelfth Doctor’s previous series. With a multitude of amazing moments, it was hard to choose, but I’ve finally been able to narrow it down. For this, I’m going for the best and most important, not necessarily the funniest, so “Top layer if you want a few words”, “Shuttity up up up” and “Can you hurry up please or I’ll hit you with my shoe” will not be here.

I’ll be doing them in the order of the episodes they were in, as I don’t think a ranking would be enough for the Twelfth (and his eyebrows).

Looking into the Dalek’s mind- Into the Dalek

This is a great scene which shows the kinder side of this Doctor. What works about this is that you can clearly see that the Doctor is determined to be right, and prove that a Dalek can be good. There is some clever misdirection here, as for a moment, it seems the Doctor has won. But then, the tables are turned and Rusty starts killing the Daleks. In Rusty’s mind, this is what a good Dalek is. But for the Doctor, it’s just what a normal Dalek does. His final line is a powerful remainder that the Daleks can never change.

The beach scene- Mummy on the Orient Express

This serves as a great ending to the past two episodes. Here, the Doctor is fully admitting of his mistakes in both this episode and Kill the Moon. He knows that he is cruel and manipulative, yet he knows that being like that will ultimately solve the problem in an easy way. When there’s no simple solution to the problem, like the Mummy, there can be no easy way out. This scene not only shows what kind of a man the Twelfth Doctor is, but that he wants to be a better one.

Defeating the Boneless- Flatline

This scene once again shows the more forgiving side of the Doctor. Throughout the episode, the Doctor wanted to give the Boneless a chance and tried to make the whole situation out as a misunderstanding. It puts the Doctor’s idea of second chances to full effect. The speech also works because here, the Doctor is in charge. No longer is there a man unsure of himself. Instead, there is the man who defends the Earth from monsters. It’s so satisfying to hear him become the Doctor. Too bad the next episode failed to expand on that. Have I mentioned I HATE In the Forest of the Night?

Comforting Clara- Dark Water

This quiet scene brings the Doctor/Clara relationship full circle. The Doctor has seen the extent that Clara will go to save Danny, but instead of abandoning her, he helps her. Why? Because it’s a good deed and a thank you to Clara for staying with him over the series. The scene once again shows the Doctor in full, as he forgives, forgets and does the right thing. It is the Twelfth Doctor’s most noble act, and up there with the Third’s sacrifice, the Fifth’s trek across Androzani and the Eleventh’s protection of Trenzalore as one of the most selfless acts done in the show. This is the Doctor I want in Series 9.

A good man- Death in Heaven

My favourite Twelfth Doctor scene is also one of my favourite Doctor Who scenes in general. Here is the Doctor, with the an army at his disposal, the ability to change history, but he says no. Because that’s not who he is. He is the man willing to give Daleks and Boneless a chance. The man who accepts his place in history. The man who saves a species from extinction. The man with the trust that Clara will make the right choice and to know he’s wrong. He is a hero, a good man, and it takes the Master’s plot to drive him mad for him to realise this. He isn’t a general or a soldier because he doesn’t need to be. All he needs to be is the Doctor. It is the best moment from Series 8 in my opinion.

(As you can see, only two scenes had videos. I will update the post with the finale clips when they arrive on the Doctor Who channel. For some reason the Mummy scene isn’t there)

And those were my favourite Twelfth Doctor moments. Series 8 as a whole is my second favourite series, below only Series 4. There is a high chance Series 9 may be able to beat it though. 8 days to go!


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