Australia part 2- Fremantle and Rottnest Island

So here I am in Fremantle, the port city of Western Australia. It’s classed as being part of Perth but also as a separate city.

We live in a terraced house with no Wi-fi. The lack of Wi-fi means my blog posts have to be uploaded in the library (and probably means an Ant-Man review will only be in my end of year movie sum up). Still, there has been a lot to do including quokkas and more quokkas.

We lived in this house (with no Wi-fi) in Fremantle.
We lived in this house (with no Wi-fi) in Fremantle.

Exploring Fremantle

The first thing of note is that Fremantle is smaller and less industrialised than Perth. There is a very Eastleigh-esque feel to it. The similarities include markets, quirky shops, a cinema and good eating places. The lack of Wi-fi means we have turned to television. There are so many news channels talking about many things, including a stolen echidna. Thankfully there is a channel which has Doctor Who on it, so that’s kept me busy. There was also Spider-Man 2 on the first night, which was a total surprise.

Visiting Arts Centre and the Round House

The first full day was spent exploring Fremantle fully. There is an art centre with lots of multi-cultural arts and some Australian arts too. There was an Indian textile exhibition, which had saris and showed colourful dresses and scarves.

Fremantle Arts Centre

Indian textiles Fremantle Arts Centre

We also visited the Round House, Western Australia’s oldest public building which used to be a colonial prison. It was built in 1831 and was saved from demolition several times because of its historical value.

It was interesting seeing more of the colonial history of the area, and there was a map which showed just how big Western Australia is, as it could fit the British Isles, Texas and Malaysia/Singapore in it and still have room. Texas itself is bigger than most European countries (which shows how big the USA is), and Australia as a whole is only slightly smaller than the whole of Europe and mainland US. Wow, the UK is small.

Aquarium: AQWA

The next day was a trip up to Perth to see the Aquarium of Western Australia. There was a humongous tunnel full of fish and those really disturbing sharks with strange teeth (I think they were grey nurse sharks). There was a whole section on dangerous Australian sea animals, including a blue ringed octopus, stonefish and conch shells.

The aquarium was in Hillarys, which had a pizza place where I had lasagne pizza. On the harbour near the aquarium was a hilarious sign which shows how far away Perth is from the rest of civilisation, as the nearest place was Sydney, 3284 kilometers away.

Western Australia and the world

Rottnest Island: meet the Quokkas

Rottnest Island Quokkas3

The next day was a trip to Rottnest Island, home of the Quokkas. They are little wallabies who are literally everywhere on the island. The fact that no-one permanently lives on the island means that the quokkas can roam about freely and do as they please. There were rules telling people to not touch the quokkas, but that didn’t mean the quokkas couldn’t touch you.

Rottnest Island Quokkas2

There were also poisonous snakes on the island, but thankfully we only heard one. There was a strange lizard though.

The island also had lots of history, as it contained many historical details about the island’s past as a place to send prisoners, including many Aborigines.

Rottnest Island museum Black Prison

I learnt from the museum guide that the Aboriginal people believe that it is bad to look at the pictures of someone who has died and that they won’t enter a room which contains pictures of their ancestors. This is why there was a warning sign telling people that images of the dead were in the room. It shows that most Australians respect the beliefs of the indigenous people.

Rottnest Island little museum empty chair note

The whole island, as well as everywhere I’ve been in Australia (which isn’t much to be fair as we are only here for 2 weeks), have these black birds with big eyes which have the most annoying call ever (I believe these birds are Australian ravens). It sounds like Batman being strangled with a blocked up nose. I’m sure Australians are used to them but to me they normally interrupt what was a perfectly normal moment of the day. You sit on a bench, observe the Australian wilderness and then “Wargh Wargh!” I believe a quote from the Twelfth Doctor is in order here –

Here’s a perfect example of their annoying nature. Here is a quokka doing his every day process of eating a leaf and through the video there is constant crowing/calling/strangling going on in the background. It’s amazing the quokka kept his cool. It’s a better idea to watch the video with the sound off, as the quokka is awesome.

Quokkas on Rottnest Island, Australia from Chandler’s Ford Today on Vimeo.

But enough about annoying / amusing ravens, here’s some awesome quokka pictures, guest starring the lizard, called a King’s Skink.

Lizard Rottnest Island



Quokka Rottnest Island close up

Size of quokka compared with human

Next time it’s Australia Part 3 and Singapore Part 2 all in one. I’ll discuss a strange place called Mandurah, the Fremantle prison, Kings Park in Perth, and Megamouth sharks.


4 thoughts on “Australia part 2- Fremantle and Rottnest Island

  1. I see what you mean about the bird noises.
    I had never heard of quokkas before, but they look fantastic. I would like one as a birthday present, please.

  2. Fremantle sounds lovely – it’s somewhere that I would like to visit because I think the history would be fascinating. I had also never heard of quokkas – there are just so many interesting animals in Australia that I guess peope focus on the piosonous snakes and spiders, the enormous crocodiles and of course the kanagroos.

    You seem to be having a really nice holdiay. Enjoy the rest of your time in Australia and have a good trip back to Singapore – I hope your media consol works this time.

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