Singapore Part 1: Local food and a massive aquarium

Finally, after 13 hours on a plane, I have arrived at Singapore (well, I arrived on Wednesday, but I was too tired to write then). Several things are different, several things are the same.

The first thing worth noting is the huge amount of people at the airport customs. Normally when we arrive, the queue is very short, but here the queue was massive. Something must have boosted the tourism here. The flight itself felt quite short, though of course it was normal length. I spent my time watching James Bond in hype mode (incidentally, Spectre trailer= AWESOME!) and sleeping.

I decided this holiday to not have any Western food until Australia, so my food in Singapore has been completely Eastern. I have had noodles, teriyaki and roast pork. Most food comes from the hawker centres, which are the traditional Singapore dining and socialising areas.

The main thing achieved today was the S.E.A Aquarium in Sentosa, one of the largest aquariums in the world. The last time I was here, the aquarium was pretty small. Good, but small. Now, the aquarium is gigantic. There is a huge tank with fish, sharks, groupers and three manta rays. There is a giant pacific octopus, spider crabs (does whatever a spider crab can), dolphins, jellyfish and more sharks. Every exhibit was great and there was a huge array of animals. Not since Singapore Zoo have I seen such a huge variety of animals.

We also went to Vivo City, the largest mall in Singapore. It’s huge, but not very interesting. I used to love it with the Toys’R’Us but now it just seems to be clothes shops. It is also very strangely laid out, at least to me. Thankfully there are other malls for me to explore. I have 400 Singapore dollars to spend (£200) so I have three options. Either find a perfect Singapore mall, spend all the money in Australia or wait until I get back to England and go on a Forbidden Planet shopping frenzy.

Whatever way it goes, my next post will be all about Australia and hopefully an Ant-Man review too.


7 thoughts on “Singapore Part 1: Local food and a massive aquarium

  1. It is 9 years since I was last in Singapore and I also remember the queues for immigration being very short and efficiently managed – like you, I cannot think what has caused the change. The aquarium sounds superb, but the shopping centres seem to have lost their character compared with the first time I visited nearly 40 years ago when things were really good value and you could buy some really unique stuff. I still regret not buying the gold sandstone elephant that I came across in a very odd bazaar close to my hotel. I’m glad to hear that the street vendors are still serving great food.
    I will be interested to hear your opinion of Ant Man as the reviews here have been very mixed – from real rubbish to great fun.
    If you are struggling to decide where to spend your money, I would like to remind you that my Golf Club subscription is due for renewal in October!
    Enjoy Australia. I look forward to hearing your opinions.

  2. Ah, the Singapore food. That’s the main thing that I miss about living there. That, and sitting outside late at night, down by the river drinking highly-taxed Gin and chilled sparkling red wine (not at the same time). But the food…it was always so difficult to decide whether to go for Japanese, Indian, Asian Fusion, Singaporian, high-end restaurant, Dim Sum in a shopping mall or Chicken Rice from a hawker centre. But my absolute favourite, the thought of which can still make me salivate, was the pepper crab down at the East Coast, washed down with a jug of beer.

    I remember when an American friend of mine stayed two nights with me on her way back from Australia. On the first night we went out for Sushi. On the second night, I listed my favourite restaurants in Singapore (a long list), and asked where she would like to go. She thought about it for a good long time, looked at me, smiled and said “You know Helen, I’m a bit tired of Asian food. I would really like to go for a burger.” Needless to say, we are no longer friends.

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