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5 places in the USA I would like to visit

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Today is the 4th of July, the day when the United States celebrate Independence Day from us Brits! Of course, if you live in the US, you would know that already. So to celebrate, I decided to list the 5 places in the States where I would like to visit. I have left out the Georgia Aquarium, as I have already mentioned that and don’t want to repeat myself. So, let’s go to the Land of the Free…

New York City


The most famous city in the world, New York City is a place high on my cities to visit list. I not only want to see the iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square and the Brooklyn Bridge, but also see the history behind it. Ellis Island is where all the American immigrants arrived at between 1892-1954, where the US was the biggest place for immigrants around the world to go to.

As one of the most iconic places in the whole world, a place like New York is a must on any American trip.



This is a place which as a film fan I consider an essential visiting place. It would be great to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame and see the iconic Hollywood sign. There are also tours around the area, where I can see where famous actors live or used to live. There is the Hollywood Museum, the Dolby Theatre (where the Academy Awards are held) and a tour of Paramount Studios. There are a lot of places where I can learn about the history of film.

Hollywood is the number one place in California I would like to visit, though a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge is a close second.

Florida Everglades


Yes, I know Florida has Disneyland and Universal Studios, but the place in the state I would like to visit the most is the Everglades, a marshy swampy national park of Southern Florida. Home to American alligators and crocodiles, spoonbills, bald eagles, the critically endangered Florida panther, pelicans, alligator gars, cottonmouths, manatees, dolphins and sharks.

Just that selection alone proves to me that the Everglades are a great place to visit. However, with conservation concerns, it is more important to learn about these creatures.

Washington DC


The capital of the United States is somewhere where I think a lot of history is contained. There are the many museums, including the Museum of American history, The National Museum of Natural History, as well as having many famous landmarks, like the Washington Monument, The US Capitol building, the Washington Zoo, The Lincoln memorial and the Library of Congress.

It would be interesting comparing the state capitals of Britain and America. It would also be a good place to learn more about American history.

The Grand Canyon and Death Valley


I know this is cheating, but these two are very similar in that they are both desert attractions. The Grand Canyon needs no introduction, and it would be amazing to fully experience this natural wonder.

Death Valley is full of animals like the coyote, road runner (beep beep), gila monster, rattlesnakes and eagles. It would be great to wander about a desert in its full glory.

So those are the five/six/seven if you count the Aquarium places I personally would love to visit in the US. Honorable mentions go to Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone Park, Niagara Falls, Alaska and Hawaii. While I won’t be going to the States any time soon, one day I hope to visit the country and all the great and unique places in it.

PS: If there are any American spellings here instead of the British ones I usually use, think of it as an Independence Day gift for my American readers, who are tired of reading words which don’t look right.


About Ben Williams

I am a 17 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. I write about Doctor Who, superheroes, fantasy, films and occasionally dive into the random world of British culture.

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  1. Graham Williams

    Good choices. Grand Canyon and the Everglades are on my list as well and the Washington museums are world class. New York is a bit like Las Vegas – somewhere everybody should visit, but only once. Both places are incredibly noisy and hectic. Los Angeles is a dump, but I can understand what attracts you to Hollywood.

    I have visited the USA quite a few times and my 3 favourite places are San Francisco (far more than just the Golden Gate Bridge), Boston and the Niagara Falls. Sea World in Orlando was also a bit special.

  2. Helen Williams

    A really nice post Ben – you’ve obviously put a lot of thought into where you would like to visit, and not just made obvious choices. I backpacked around America 14 years ago, which included ten days living on a 1950s green bus, driving across the north of the country. During that bus trip I visited one of my favourite places in America – the Badlands…it’s like you’re on a different planet. I also spent a few nights in Yellowstone Park, which is wonderful.

    For your top five, I agree completely that New York has to be top of your list, but I disagree with Dad – this isn’t somewhere to just to visit once and then tick off your list. I’ve been twice as an adult, and I genuinely believe that you could go a hundred times and see a different face of the city each time. It’s a breath-taking, incredible place and one of my favourite cities in the world.

    I’ve not been to Hollywood, but John has – he has family living there and has visited a few times, so you can ask him about it. He doesn’t like it at all.

    My other favourite city in America is Miami. I only planned to stay there for two nights but fell in love with it and stayed for two weeks instead. I did a day trip up to the edge of the Everglades, but can’t claim to have done a proper visit to the park. But if you ever make it to the Everglades, you should definitely combine it with time in Miami…but perhaps wait until you’re over 21, because the city has to be appreciated during the day AND at night.

    Washington DC is cool. So much to see – you haven’t mentioned Arlington National Cemetery, which should definitely be on your list of sites if you go there.

    I would also love to go to the Grand Canyon. Again, John’s been there and says it’s incredible, so it is on my list of places to go when the children are older.

    Unlike Dad, I’m not that fussed about Boston and San Francisco. But everyone I’ve met who has been to San Francisco has fallen in love with it, so maybe I just didn’t see the right parts of the city. The top five places that I would still like to visit in America are the Grand Canyon, New Orleans, an antebellum plantation in the Deep South, Alaska and Las Vegas.

    • Graham Williams

      I’d forgotten about New Orleans and Alaska. Both are places that I want to see. I will also add St Louis and Hawaii to the list of destinations that I would not turn down, but include Houston and Cleveland in the ‘never again’ category.


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