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Reasons Hampshire is a must see British destination

In my 15 years of living in Hampshire, I have seen enough interesting places in this humble county in the South of the UK to call it a great place to be. There is so much history and exotic locations, some of which are very important to the country’s history. Here are some reasons why Hampshire is an important and must see British location.

Busy and important cities

It may sound pompous, but I believe that the cities in Hampshire are extremely important. Let’s start with the historical city of Winchester. It’s small but sweet, with plenty of history. It houses Winchester Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in England and it contains the tomb of Jane Austen, who lived in the city near the end of her life. If the rumours of a Doctor Who episode starring Jane Austen is true, then I hope that they film in Winchester. The remains of William II are also in the Cathedral. I visit Winchester a lot to visit the library, which is full of good comics.

Winchester is also the former capital of the country and was ruled over by Alfred the Great, whose statue is in the city. Other historical elements of Winchester include Winchester Castle, home of the Round Table of Winchester and Wolvesey Castle, a ruined castle which was the location of Mary I’s wedding to Phillip II of Spain. It was destroyed by the Roundheads in the Civil War (the castle, not the wedding).

Winchester High Street

Winchester High Street

Inside Winchester Great Hall

Inside Winchester Great Hall.

The two other major cities are Southampton and Portsmouth. Both are major ports and Portsmouth was a hugely important naval base. Portsmouth is also home to the Spinnaker Tower, the tallest tower in the UK not in London. The city is the UK’s only island city, as it is on Portsea Island. The city is also the birthplace of Charles Dickens.

Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth

Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth

Southampton is still one of the UK’s major shipping grounds and is still a major part of history, thanks to the fact that the Titanic set sail from Southampton’s port. The SeaCity Museum is a great insight into Southampton’s role in the event. The city is mainly a shopping place though, which isn’t a bad thing really, as some of the shops are great.

The New Forest

The New Forest is one of the UK’s most important natural areas and national parks. Things to see include the New Forest ponies and has a lot of history linked to my local area. William II was killed in the New Forest while hunting. He was killed with an arrow shot by Walter Tyrell, who may have killed him by accident or deliberately.

His tomb was carried across Hampshire, including the area which is now Chandler’s Ford . The way is now marked with a road called King’s Road. As mentioned before, he is now buried in Winchester Cathedral. Two of my primary school house names were Rufus (the nickname for William II due to his hair) and Tyrell.

Kings Road

The picture below is when we went camping in the New Forest with my friend and his family. On the last day some donkeys invaded the camp site and poked their heads in the tents.

Camping in New Forest

Camping in New Forest

Those are two reasons why I believe Hampshire is an important UK destination. Even though I’ve been to a lot of places in Hampshire I haven’t been to every area in the county. Hopefully this post has persuaded you to visit the south of England.


About Ben Williams

I am a 17 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. I write about Doctor Who, superheroes, fantasy, films and occasionally dive into the random world of British culture.

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  1. Graham Williams

    Some really interesting facts in this. I had not realised that Portsmouth was even on an island. Don’t forget that Aldershot (“home of the British Army”) and the Isle of Wight (my favourite UK holiday destination) are also in Hampshire. Also the Hampshire village of Hambledon is where cricket was first played.

    I do agree with you that Hampshire is well worth exploring. I also enjoy my visits there because they always remind me that Surrey is better.

  2. Helen Williams

    I lived next door to Hampshire for two decades, but have to admit to not knowing much about it. So thank you for the interesting and informative post. It’s really nice to see how proud you are of your home…it’s important. I was always very proud to grow up in Surrey, but as an expat I meet a lot of Brits who have nothing positive to say about the UK. Perhaps they’ve never visited Surrey or Hampshire 😉


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