Jurassic World review

Last Saturday I continued my 2015 summer movie marathon with Jurassic World. I was really excited for the movie as the original film is one of my all time favourite movies. Having seen the film, I think Jurassic Park has a worthy sequel which is incredibly entertaining and full of story. Seeing how it is still in cinemas, I will make this as spoiler free as possible.


My favourite aspect of the film, aside from the dinosaurs, is that it decided to prolong the action and mayhem and focus on establishing themes and a story for the first hour. Just like the first film established themes of genetics and man versus science, this movie addresses scientific advancements and the modern world’s changing ideas. The main dinosaur Indomidus Rex itself is a metaphor for the ever changing face of  industry and science, with companies sponsoring the dinosaurs and the new genetically modified dinosaur being used to bring visiting numbers up. Jurassic World is set at a time when dinosaurs are becoming an everyday occurrence, so the park is forced to bring in something new and flashier. It’s a clever subtext woven through the movie and it makes the movie a lot more meaningful in the long run.

The dinosaurs themselves are great, with a combination of CGI and practical effects. I especially like the mosasaur and the trained raptors. While the concept may sound silly, it is pulled off very well, and like the other dinosaurs they represent a certain part of the movie. In this case, the raptors represent Owen’s respect and treatment of dinosaurs as real animals, as he trained them from when they first hatched.

The action is really good and suspenseful. As with the first film, the dinosaurs are a genuine menace and can pose a threat to the characters. The action is timed really well and they pay homage to the first film. In fact, the homages to the first film are plentiful. Some may find the references too much, but I personally liked them as like the action they were placed very well in the movie. There are some minor issues, like a few plot holes and plot related issues which I can’t go into as this is spoiler free. At the end of the year when I do my Blockbuster Awards I will be talking about this movie more, along with every blockbuster I have seen.

Overall, this is a great movie for fans of the first film and to general audiences. It doesn’t require you having seen the other films, although it will add to the viewing experience. I finished this review the day after I got the original Jurassic Park book and I will be reading it. I will probably do a book/movie comparison. My next post, incidentally, will be about film adaptations and why so many movies are based on books.

2 thoughts on “Jurassic World review

  1. This film has got great reviews from every newspaper that I have read. Your write-up just confirms that I am going to add Jurassic World to my ‘must see’ list.

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