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My ideal fictional character

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I love reading books, watching TV and films and reading comics. All of those have great characters, but some appeal to me more for various reasons. Here are some requirements for a character to have to tick all my boxes on the awesome-meter:

  • A cool hat


During Eurovision this year I commented on how I liked Australia and Austria’s hats. It seems I always have a thing for guys wearing fedoras and other brimmed hats. The Fourth Doctor wears one, Indiana Jones wears one and Skulduggery Pleasent wears one. There are other cool hats as well. The Seventh Doctor owns the Panama hat, Oddjob wields his bowler hat, Jack Sparrow has the pirate hat and Sherlock Holmes made the deerstalker an icon.

I don’t know what it is but something about hats appeal to me. I own a trilby and I always find a character with a brimmed hat to be cool. Maybe it’s because it makes their silhouette unique and it conceals their face. A character wearing a hat instantly makes them mysterious and meaning business.

  • Trench coat

tenth doctor


Of course the most famous trench coat in British culture is the Tenth Doctor, but there are other cool trench coat wearing characters. Constantine, Hellboy, Gambit, Captain Jack and the Jedi all wear the awesome coat. I like trench coats because they are just so cool. The characters who wear them are basically saying “Yeah, I wear a coat indoors and outdoors”. It also helps that the coat’s length means they flow in the wind, so when the characters run, the coat flies with them. They just give the character a sense of style and makes them look big and imposing.

  • Witty one liners

This one applies to many characters I’ve already mentioned. I love characters who can look at any situation and think of something to say. James Bond is a fan of these after he kills someone (“Shocking”) and the Doctor can make these comments, especially the Fourth (“Hello can you help me I’m a spy”). Hawkeye is full of these in Age of Ultron, but I won’t discuss any further as I will review the film seeing how I’ve now seen it twice (Most people in the film have great one-liners). One-liners give a character a sense of fun and add a sense of snark and wit to them.

  • Capes



Superheroes wear capes, as does Darth Vadar and many other Star Wars characters. Like with big coats, capes give a sense of size and awe to the character. Batman wouldn’t look as cool without his cape and while superheroes can be cool without them (Wolverine, Spider-Man, Green Lantern), most of them look intimating with a cape in the background. In Darth Vader’s case, his long cloak gives him a presence, which he needs if he wants to rule the galaxy.

So those are four things which instantly make a character awesome to me. Of course their personality and what they do also helps but if a character wears a hat, dons a trench coat, wears a cape and has a quip for every occasion then they get my seal of approval.


About Ben Williams

I am a 17 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. I write about Doctor Who, superheroes, fantasy, films and occasionally dive into the random world of British culture.

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  1. Graham Williams

    Are they extra cool if they wear all of the clothes at the same time?

    My favourite characters tend to carry guns and have a prediliction for punching people very hard. The one-liners do add interest though.

    • They’re super cool if they wear all the clothes at the same time, though I think a trench coat makes a cape redundant. I have yet to see a character with a trench coat AND cape.


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