Why do people love Christmas?

So, it’s one week till Christmas. Christmas songs are playing, lights are shining and children are anticipating a big fat man dressed in red turning up to give them presents. I am looking forward to, in no particular order: Doctor Who, meeting the family and a long break from school.

But WHY do people like Christmas? This is basically a companion piece to my Why do people like being scared? post, only this time it’s “Why do people (including me) like Christmas?”. Well, I have three reasons –

This was my grandparents' Christmas tree.
This was my grandparents’ Christmas tree.


Who doesn’t like waking up on Christmas Day and receiving presents? Whether it’s from family, friends or Santa, everyone loves receiving presents. It’s part of the Christmas tradition and it is one of the main reasons why I believe everyone loves Christmas.

It’s not just receiving them, but giving them as well that makes present-giving such a tradition. It’s the only time of the year where people are allowed to ask for whatever they want, within reason. It’s why this year I haven’t asked for a pet tyrannosaurus… or have I?


In our family, we open our presents in front of the fire in my grandad and granny’s house. We usually take a couple of hours, with intervals in-between. I used to receive action toys and games, but now I’m a teenager, I receive gift vouchers, books and Doctor Who related presents.

2. It brings people together

Christmas is an opportunity for people to communicate to each other. My mum has been particularly chatty this month, with her talking to anyone and everyone that she meets. But, that can be seen as a positive, as it shows how everybody is excited for the festive season.

It also means that everyone is busy for Christmas, preparing cards, wrapping presents and having a good time.

I remember the British and the Germans stopped fighting in World War One (The Christmas Truce) to play a game of football, which just shows how Christmas is a time of year to stop fighting and celebrate.

1. IT’S CHRISTMAS! It’s our family tradition!

Is this a lazy resolution? Yes it is. The pure feeling that it is Christmas is enough to make anyone happy.

On Christmas Eve, I normally go to the crib service in the local parish church with my mum, even though I’m not a Christian. We walk to the church with our neighbours together and spend about an hour there. I then stay up till about midnight with my friend at my house playing computer games.

Our local church in Chandler's Ford displays this camel every year at Christmas time.
Our local church in Chandler’s Ford displays this camel every year at Christmas time.

Of course we can’t forget the Christmas tradition. Eating turkey and having a massive Christmas meal. My granny also sets fire to the Christmas pudding to make it taste better (though I’m usually content with the ice cream). After the meal, we watch Doctor Who in the television room and my mum gets confused. I however, understand Doctor Who perfectly.

Riding a horse in a stable on Boxing Day.
Riding a horse in a stable on Boxing Day.

After watching Doctor Who, there isn’t much time for anything else other than going to sleep. Our Christmas tradition is not just on Christmas day. On Boxing Day, we go for a walk with the dogs, go to the stables where my granny works, talk and spend time with the family before driving back home from my granny and grandad’s home.

We normally visit a stable at Christmas time to give the horses some treats.
We normally visit a stable at Christmas time to give the horses some treats.

So, that’s all. Why do you think people like Christmas and what do you enjoy doing in the holidays?


4 thoughts on “Why do people love Christmas?

  1. Another excellent post. I think you summarise it beautifully when you say that Christmas is enough to make anyone happy (or it certainly should be).
    As far as the details go, you are spot on with what you say, but I have a few extras to add. I really enjoy selecting the presents, wrapping them myself and putting them under the tree. I look forward to going out in the week before Christmas and cutting the tree myself and then decorating it and I love setting the table with our best china, crackers and party poppers. The arrival of the turkey on Christmas Eve also invokes the traditional complaint from my wife that it is “too big” (not a complaint that I have ever heard from any other members of the family!).

    But without a doubt, the best thing about Christmas is having a houseful of guests (even if it means buying incredibly expensive ice cream for certain people who won’t eat Christmas pudding). I also have a personal tradition of always playing golf on Boxing Day. I get fresh air and exercise and avoid 3 hours of detailed analysis about the Doctor Who episode shown the previous evening.

    It is a pity that you did not include a pet tyrannosaurus on your wish list as eBay were doing a special offer on Black Friday.

    Happy Christmas, Ben. I am really looking forward to seeing you on the 25th.

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