Three things I love about Chandler’s Ford

It’s 26 days till Christmas! So, to compensate for my lack of writing, I’m going to say what I love about my home town. (Or I’m just doing it for my pocket money). So, here we go…

1. The library

Easily the best thing about Chandler’s Ford is the library. I love going there and read, whether it’s the film section or a fictional science fiction novel (99% of the time it’s Doctor Who). There are also a wide range of audio books, and I spent many hours when I was younger listening to Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter (not personally of course, though I don’t think my mum would complain). If there was one thing that needs to be improved, it’s a wider array of film and television books. Cooking has more shelves than film, and for me, the selection of film isn’t enough. But apart from that it’s a great place to visit.

Chandler's Ford library is good.
Chandler’s Ford library is good.
Chandler's Ford library in Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire.
Chandler’s Ford library in Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire.

2. The woods

I’ve already discussed this in a previous post, but Chandler’s Ford is full of woodland places. There are a couple of local woods such as Ramalley Copse and Flexford Wood, as well as the Hiltingbury lakes. These woods are great for walking and relaxing, and they are varied. Some are more spacious and remote, while others are full of twisty pathways. Whichever one, they’re always great to explore. My favourite is Hocombe Mead, which is a wood located in Hiltingbury full of sculptures. There are guided tours there and it leads out into some local shops, like newsagents Andersons and a coffee shop called Bay Leaves Larder.

Sculptures on the trunk of a fallen oak tree in Hocombe Mead in Chandler's Ford.
Sculptures on the trunk of a fallen oak tree in Hocombe Mead in Chandler’s Ford.
Enjoying a guided walk in Hocombe Mead.
Enjoying a guided walk in Hocombe Mead.

3. Local shops

I often walk to the local area to buy sweets, newspapers or restock on cheese. What’s great about this is that there are a variety of shops, even if I only go to the newsagents. Further up Chandler’s Ford is a small array of shops with a relatively new sweet shop, and a pizza place, with the Central Precinct only a traffic light away, which has fish and chips, coffee shop and more. There is a huge variety and it means it is sometimes worth just staying in Chandler’s Ford rather than go out.

Our local Fish & Chips shop at the Central Precinct in Chandler's Ford.
Our local Fish & Chips shop at the Central Precinct in Chandler’s Ford.
Kandy Kingdom - sweet shop near where I live in Chandler's Ford.
Kandy Kingdom – sweet shop near where I live in Chandler’s Ford.


So those are three things I love about Chandler’s Ford. What do you like doing in it?

4 thoughts on “Three things I love about Chandler’s Ford

  1. I love the woods and open spaces too. I also love the rejuvenated Fryern Arcade shopping area – especially Grovers butchers. Queuing in the Post Office is much more pleasant in the spacious surroundings of Smiths and all the staff are pleasant and helpful.

  2. This was really interesting. I have been visiting Chandlers Ford for years and never knew about Holcombe Mead. I think that you have highlighted the most important things that make a town special (especially the library). Throw in an entertainment complex (cinema, theatre, ice rink) and take out the traffic and you would have the ideal place to live.

  3. I don’t know Chandlers Ford very well so, instead, I’ll share my three favourite things about where I live – a part of Munich called Harlaching.

    1- We are in the middle of the forest. It is beautiful at all times of the year. There is a pond where thousands and thousands of toads come during the mating season. It’s an amazing thing to see. There is also a wonderful beer garden on the other side of the forest, which we cycle to in the summer.

    2- There is a tram stop outside our house. The trams come every four minutes and it takes just ten minutes to get to the centre of the City.

    3- The zoo is a five minute walk away. We have an annual pass and go there a lot. Last year, two polar bear cubs were born and we’ve spent the past year watching them grow up.

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