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What news is the most important?

Yesterday morning my mum told me about a major crisis happening in the Middle East, and during breakfast the radio switched to the news. I was expecting news on the Middle East conflict. But, the main news story was…

Germany beating Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup.

Germany beating Brazil 7 to 1 in the World Cup. Image by Stux via Pixabay.

Germany beating Brazil 7 to 1 in the World Cup. Image by Stux via Pixabay.

Now I know that the World Cup is huge and that many people love it, but should it really be THE main headline, especially when there are very real and much more serious events going on in the world, such as a potential terrorist risk and the Indonesian election?

If football is that important, then what about the news about the Doctor Who leaked scripts? Enough people care about Doctor Who for it to be headline news. Why football?

Should football news be THE headline news?

Should football news be THE headline news?

It is my opinion that the important, world impacting news should be headline news, while entertainment like the World Cup (or even Doctor Who) shouldn’t be more important than a potential war in the Middle East. Sports should be, in my opinion, put into entertainment.

Map of the world

Map of the world

Headline news should be the news which affects the world, news which will make people think and make people learn about the world. Major world news should be reported first and then be followed up with entertainment like sports and film. News is informing people of world events, and the most important ones should be reported first.


About Ben Williams

I'm 16 years old. I like animals, lasagne, comic books, films, role-playing games and Doctor Who. I write cool stuff - Doctor Who, science fiction, film reviews, and quirks about Britain. I have a blue-tongued skink called Georgy and a cat called Billy.

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  1. Graham Williams

    Headlines have very little little to do with importance and everything to do with drawing in and then holding on to an audience. If you can keep them listening for 5 minutes then the chances are they will listen or watch for 30.

    More people are interested in football than in Middle Eastern or Far Eastern politics. This may be a sad reflection on the general standards of the population at large, but it is a fact of life.

    I also believe that in some parts of the world football is even more popular than Dr Who (incredible as that may seem).

  2. hazel bateman

    In any sensible world Ben, your observations would be the foundation for news programmes. But I fear the previous commentator is right and sensation and celebrities are the order of the day. This is a very sad reflection on our society. Maybe your generation will be able to change things and totally irrelevant ‘news’ items, such as the Oscar Pistorius trial, will disappear from the Six O’clock News. Here’s hoping……

  3. Helen Williams

    I like your post a lot Ben, because it really made me think and made me question my own viewpoint. I have huge issue with the way news is reported and the growth of celebrity plus the impact of technology on attention spans. However, I actually disagree with your argument that a crisis in the Middle East is ‘more important’ than the World Cup. The World Cup has an impact on millions of people around the globe. It gives people a sense of national pride, a break from the grind of their daily lives, and it gives them hope. Regardless of what goes on behind the scenes (the torrid personal lives of the footballers, the tattoos, the accusations of corruption), there is no question that the World Cup unites people.

    It’s easy to dismiss people who are passionate about football, but the fact is that the majority of people in the world are just trying to survive each day at a time. They are trying to earn enough money to have a decent life, bring up their children, manage their relationships, hold on to their jobs. A looming crisis in the Middle East has no immediate impact on their daily lives, so why should they be interested?

    In my opinion, the job of ‘news’ is not just to educate. It is to inform and it is to inspire. If a headline about the World Cup inspires someone to pick up a newspaper for the first time and read it then that is a good thing. That same person is not likely to have bought the paper if it led with a headline about the Middle East.

    There are plenty of high-brow news sources for people who don’t want to read about the football.

    And you can’t compare football to Dr Who. Football can be of interest to all ages, sexes and social classes. Dr Who cannot. Adam is only three-years-old, but he understands the concept of the World Cup…he wouldn’t have a clue about leaked Dr Who scripts.

    The World Cup is not ‘just’ entertainment. It is a social phenomenon, and it is important. Think of a world where only misery and ‘important’ news is reported. That’s not a world I want to live in. There has to be some light to counteract the daily darkness of war, repression, financial hardship and social problems.

    • Graham Williams

      What a brilliant reply – I wish I had written it.

      • I actually do agree about all this, and I see your point. Football is an inspiration and will probably make many people read or watch the news, and I know it is an important part of many people’s lives.

  4. Rebbeca Cascinelli

    The thing is, it really depends on your background. It depends on what will affect you. If you live in Ukraine, it’s obvious what is going to be most important to you: Whether or not Russia is going to beat the snot out of you, like history suggests. If you live in or have family around Israel or the Gaza strip (or if you’re looking for fulfilled biblical prophecy, Idk) then middle east crises will surely take precedence over football. Acrost the pond from you, millions of Americans could not care less about soccer, AKA football. The same goes for the stuff in the middle east. If it doesn’t affect them, why waste time and sympathy on other people’s problems? Besides, baseball and the idiodicly named American football is way more popular with we yanks, any who. While many Americans probably do care for the World Cup, others want to waste their time, kill their brain cells, drink, loaf, and do what ever instead of pondering the deep facts of life, growing as a person, doing something constructive and productive, or just watch Sci-fi. We are all guilty for paying to much attention to our personal pleasures and hobbies. Professional soccer is a job, they get paid for it, and they are paid for it because we dignify it with our time and money. We value it, so we become spectators. More people value soccer than the crisis in the middle east, so the middle east gets the back burner. Plus, the stuff in the middle east has been going on for a while. The world cup won’t continue on end like that, so the middle east becomes old news. If the entire middle east is decimated by nuclear warfare and everything around it looks like Hiroshima/Chernobyl, then the new hilarious internet memes and Doctor Who will take the back seat. It’s how this stuff goes on.

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