History: The TV Show Part 2

So in part one of my History: The TV Show, poor King John had just given power to the barons and the people. So, what’s next?…

Episode 6- Everybody hates Edward I

After the long and fairly uneventful reign of Henry III, Edward I becomes King of England and instantly starts to attack Scotland and Wales. Scotland is in a bit of a pickle after the infant heir to the throne, Margret, dies on a boat trip to Scotland.

After Edward declares himself King of Scotland, both Scotland, led by William Wallace, and France decide to fight off Edward, but they failed and Edward took over. And that’s not even mentioning the invasion of Wales…

King Arthur's round table is inside the Great Hall in Winchester.
King Arthur’s round table is inside the Great Hall in Winchester.

Episode 7- The Black Death

After Edward II is murdered, Edward III takes over and begins the not really 100 years war. England is also struck by a deadly disease called the bubonic plague where a third of the population is killed.

Edward’s dealings in France aren’t helping the situation either, while in England he recreates King Arthur’s Table, all the while being King of a slowly dying country. This looks like the job for…

The Round Table of Arthur, at the Great Hall of Winchester.
The Round Table of Arthur, at the Great Hall of Winchester.

Episode 8- The fall of the Plantagenets

King Richard II takes the throne at 10 years old after his father, the Black Prince, dies and is immediately throne (hahahahahha, gettit? No, fine…) immediately THROWN into a huge situation with Wat Tyler’s Peasant Revolt, which Richard cleans up.

After that though, he starts going a tad nuts, prompting Henry Bollingbrook  to launch an invasion while Richard is in Ireland. And now…

Episode 9-The War of the Roses

Henry VI
Henry VI

Yes, I know skipping over the battle of Agincourt was bad but lets keep the posts to five episodes each. Henry VI is a bit mad, so mad that he has caused a war that involves both him and Edward, his rival.

They are split into York and Lancaster, one with a white rose, and one red. Henry and Edward are thrown back and forth off the throne, until Henry dies. Edward is King BUT…

Episode 10- Concerning Richard

OK, this one will be tricky. After the War, Edward IV is now undisputed King, until his heir, Edward V, mysteriously disappears in the Tower of London. The blame is placed on Richard, Edward’s brother, and people start dropping like flies.

Richard III
Richard III

Richard is still believed to be responsible for these deaths, but he nonetheless becomes King and improves England’s writing and creation of books (yes, he did actually help Britain) until the Battle of Bosworth Field, where the young Henry Tudor defeats him and thus… the age of medieval England is over.


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