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What a 13-year-old would like to watch

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So, I’ve casually referenced about how I feel current television is at the moment. Now it’s time for the actual post.

About two years ago I woke up on Saturday mornings to watch TV. I still do that, but I mainly watch Doctor Who DVDs because, quite frankly, nothing good is on telly anymore. And with 4 months until Doctor Who Series 8, and over a year for Sherlock Series 4, I feel that people like me need good quality entertainment.

With the exception of Doctor Who and to some extend Sherlock, most BBC programs are strictly for adults or aren’t my type of program. The heavy dramas, crime programs and all that. But as a 13 year old, I want programs, not necessarily about aliens or monsters, but programs which any person of any age can enjoy.

There are plenty of children channels, like CBBC and Cbeebies. Well, I used to love both but since Cbeebies is for very young children, I started to watch CBBC. Then the good programs stopped and now nothing is on telly.

So, how to make a good television program which appeals to everyone? Well, I have several points-

  1. Have stuff for both kids and adults. This is the kind of entertainment I love. A movie like Toy Story is primarily for kids, but has themes and messages for adults. Making something just for kids makes it seem stupid for everyone else, and having something which is just for adults means children can’t watch or understand it.
  2. Keep it simple. Having too much stuff going on will confuse younger children and maybe even adults. Have a simple story and write characters and ideas around it. For example…
    • The God Complex. The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrives in a strange hotel and have to escape while trying to avoid getting eaten by a minotaur. That’s a very simple idea, but the ideas, characters and themes in the episode make it great for people like me while still being entertaining for small children.
    • Vincent and the Doctor has quite possibly the simplest story that you could have: a monster is running around and the heroes have to stop it. That was enough to entertain me when I first saw it, but only now do I notice the deep emotional core of the story.


OK, that’s enough for Doctor Who. How about movies? In Jurassic Park, a billionaire clones dinosaurs and they break out. Up’s basic story is about an old man flying his house to South America. Star Wars is about people with brightly coloured sticks slashing at each other. All of those movies are entertaining enough, but they each have great characters, amazing themes and subtext, a wonderful script and fantastic dialogue which makes them good for all ages as there is something for everyone.

Lego Starwar

That’s how entertainment should be done. Have something for everyone and not just be for one basic audience, as those are the shows and films which sell. Why is Doctor Who one of the most iconic shows ever? Why were Star Wars and Jurassic Park the highest grossing movies of their time? Because they had things which appeal to everyone of every age. That’s what I want, and is probably what everyone wants, as those are the best kind of entertainment.





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I'm 16 years old. I like animals, lasagne, comic books, films, role-playing games and Doctor Who. I write cool stuff - Doctor Who, science fiction, film reviews, and quirks about Britain. I have a blue-tongued skink called Georgy and a cat called Billy.

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  1. That’s exactly right! I like all three 🙂 ….I’m 20 and a girl BTW, and I cannot stand “chick flicks”….I do need action and I would like to see more childfree women and more female characters who value friends and sisters more than marriage and children.

  2. Rebbeca Cascinelli

    I don’t even know all of what is inherently wrong about chick flicks. They’re all like the cheesiest soap opera possible made into movie form.


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