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The Scotland debate – Stay or leave?

Tonight is Burns night, where Scottish people everywhere will celebrate the great poet Robert Burns. But this raises a thought about some recent Scottish news – the debate about whether Scotland will stay as part of the United Kingdom or become its own separate country. I’ve compiled a list of arguments for and against why Scotland should stay part of Britain (also, as I’ve never been to Scotland, I might get some facts wrong. But I think I know enough facts from the news).


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At this current time, Scotland is one of the four countries which make up the United Kingdom, along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Despite this, Scotland has its own education system, money, government and football team. So, if that’s the case, why be independent? You could argue that any major changes that the Prime Minister of England decides is best for all the country that Scotland has to agree with it, and that any major changes that the Scottish government want to do has to be decided by the English government, but they still have lots of freedom within the country. Not everything Hampshire County Council decides has to have Downing Street approval, and Scotland is still allowed lots of freedom as part of another country.


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Alternatively, if Scotland do become independent, there would be a lot of benefits. First, all the oil and other resources used to make the whole of Britain rich would just be for Scotland, which could let them have lots of money and richness. Scotland will also be able to call their culture completely unique, without having to share their culture with Britain. They will also be able to host their own sporting events such as the Olympics (2024 perhaps?) and the World Cup. They can change their government and make laws without having to consult the rest of the country. They can hold their own identity and run their country however they want and choose whether to join the EU and other global organisations.

The Scottish government will have a referendum later this year to decide if they’re going or staying, so only time will tell. But I hope that they take these considerations into their vote. What do you think? Should Scotland stay with the UK or split to be their own country?


About Ben Williams

I am a 17 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. I write about Doctor Who, superheroes, fantasy, films and occasionally dive into the random world of British culture.

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  1. Ben, Scotland could host the football world cup irrespective of independence because their football association is independent of the English FA. Also, if Scotland were to take the revenue from North Sea oil, maybe they should also pay back to England the costs of the in infrastructure for getting it.

    Generally, I can’t help thinking that the wish for independence is more to do with political dogma than logical reasoning. They seem to want to keep the bits that they like (BBC, pound*, EU membership*). Oh, and they won’t have a defence force because they will rely on England to come to the rescue if they get invaded.

    If they go independent they should do it completely – and be left to sink or swim!!

    *Though there are questions over whether they can keep the pound** and EU membership. Some reports suggest that they would have to leave and rejoin, and to rejoin they would have to adopt the Euro.

    **And Scotland used the English pound before independence. There was a Scottish pound (worth 8p or 12p) but large transactions were conducted in English pounds (probably because the numbers were smaller!)

  2. And can I be pedantic and point out that something can’t be “completely unique”. It’s either unique or it isn’t. You can’t qualify uniqueness!

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