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Where I want to go in summer 2014

It’s nearly Christmas! And after Christmas comes six days until the New Year. There are a lot of things to do next year including-

  • Waiting until autumn for Doctor Who Series 8
  • Lots of movies like Captain America 2, X Men 2 and Godzilla
  • Summer holidays and CHRISTMAS!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Next year, I want to go to a lot of places in the summer. Now, I’ve already done a Top 5 places I want to go post which can be found here, but that was a more abstract list. This is a list of countries I want to go, and with a sentence or two explaining why I want to go there. This is going to be a long list…

Let’s start in Europe 


I really want to go here because of the huge geysers which attract hundreds of tourists. There are also humpback whales and other marine animals to see off the shore. There are also great waterfalls and spectacular scenery and it seems like a great place to visit.


I love Swedish meatballs, and to go to their place of origin would be great. I’ve also had a huge love of wolverines, capercailies and those kind of Scandinavian animals and it would be nice to explore the European wilderness.


Since it’s so close to England, I’ve always suggested going to France during a half term. It’s not just Paris to go to, but several English kings like William the Conqueror are buried there.


I love Italian food, but who doesn’t? But that’s not the only reason to visit Italy. The world’s smallest country, the Vatican, is there, and the Colosseum will be an amazing place to visit.

OK, I realise if I stick to Europe this will be super long, as every country in Europe is worth visiting as it’s such a varied continent. So let’s explore the rest of the world… here are the Top 5 non-European countries I want to go to in the holidays.

5. USA

its the US of AAAAA

There are so many places in the USA to visit. The Florida Everglades. the Arizona desert, the Grand Canyon, Alaska and of course New York and the Georgia Aquarium. I don’t think going on a huge tour across the country is the right idea as it’ll take up the whole summer but if I was going to go for the first time I would go to the Aquarium (I love marine life) then go to the Everglades in Florida (it is possible, Georgia and Florida are near each other). Why the Everglades? Snapping…turtles. Those two words shouldn’t combine but when they do, it is awesome.

4. South Africa

cape town

With the recent death of Nelson Mandela, I think it would be important to visit the country which he changed. A visit to Robben Island could give in insight into the country’s past. I also love visiting exotic places with interesting scenery and wildlife, which is why I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. In Cape Town there is the world famous Tabletop Mountain and lots of safari parks through the country. I’ve always loved African wildlife.

3. New Zealand

new zealand

Just looking at that picture should explain my reason for wanting to visit this country. New Zealand has some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Not only that, but it has some of the coolest animals ever! A sheep eating bird, giant insects, reptiles closely related to dinosaurs (that’s gonna be the closest we’ll get, until Jurassic Park becomes a reality which it WILL) and nocturnal parrots. Sadly most of these are on special island nature reserves, but I’ll find a way to see them.

2. Madagascar


Yet another country with awesome animals, Madagascar has the strangest landscape of any country. Just look at that picture. Those trees are so strange. The fossa is one of the coolest things ever next to a T Rex, the God Complex, the flying Kaiju and the kea. It just seems like a fantastic place to visit and there will be lots of great photos because of the surreal landscape and wildlife.

1. Australia


Being an island the size of a continent gives the scenery of this country to run wild. Crocodiles, kangaroos, giant cuttlefish, monitor lizards and so much more makes this the place I want to go to the most. I also really want to visit the Great Barrier Reef because it might vanish soon due to the seas warming up and I want to see Ayer’s Rock as it looks amazing. Sydney is somewhere I want to visit, mainly due to that building which everyone knows of…


Oh, it’s the Opera house! Thought I could keep that joke! It really is an amazing building and I want to visit it.

What other places do you think I should visit? Anywhere closer to home?


About Ben Williams

I'm 16 years old. I like animals, lasagne, comic books, films, role-playing games and Doctor Who. I write cool stuff - Doctor Who, science fiction, film reviews, and quirks about Britain. I have a blue-tongued skink called Georgy and a cat called Billy.

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  1. Oi, where’s Munich on the list?

  2. Iceland is on my list as well – but not necessarily in the Summer. If you go between November and March, you have a chance to see the Northern Lights – now that is an experience that I definitely want.

    Norway is better than Sweden – fjords, glaciers, the Thor Heyerdahl museum and the Vigeland Sculpture park (the last 2 are in Oslo) and the Bryggen area of Bergen are all well worth seeing and you get the Northern Lights if you visit in the winter.

    I like France too, particularly Normandy where a visit to the D-Day landing beaches is a must. You can also take in the Bayeux Tapestry, the Pont Normandie (a really spectacular bridge) and Honfleur (my favourite small town in all the world).

    Italy is a must visit destination. Rome has too many fabulous things to list, but Venice and Florence are well worth seeing as well. Avoid Naples (it’s a dump) unless you want to visit Pompeii which in my opinion is overrated (but climbing up Vesuvius is fun).

    Places you could consider adding to your list: Copenhagen for the Tivoli Gardens and the “hippy” self-proclaimed independent state of Christiansen (there is also a rather good brewery tour but I do not remember too much of the detail); Gibraltar for the apes and the tunnels; Krakow for the castle, the dragon den walk and the salt mines; Malta for the “silent city” of Mdina and the neighbouring island of Gozo for 5,000 year old burial chambers; Egypt (mummies, pyramids, tombs – what’s not to like?).

    For the sole purpose of offending my daughter, I would like to add that all the above places are better than Munich.

  3. Well Ben if you do get to South Africa and New Zealand, you would also have a bunch of cousins to visit, courtesy of your Great Uncle Brian, Gareth’s grandfather.


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