Day of the Doctor review- sort of

When I mean sort of, it’s because I need to say something very very awesome about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. To do that, I’ll need to issue a spoiler warning and advise anyone who hasn’t seen the episode to watch it then come back here.

OK? Right, avert your eyes if you haven’t seen the episode…



Watch the episode first…


Massive spoiler.

OK, let’s move on.




But anyway, that aside, how was the rest of the episode?

I’m not going to explain the plot. It’s REALLY complicated. Zygons are invading via paintings, Rose hologram tells the War Doctor about his future lives, David Tennant marries Elizabeth I and there are the MOST…REFERENCES…EVER!

While the plot is complex, it’s easy to get through because of the drama and characters. The issue about Gallifrey is really well addressed and all three Doctors are amazing (even the Tenth Doctor. Normally he’s broody and soapy, but David Tennant is allowed to stretch his comedic muscles instead of being sad all the time). Some of the funniest lines in recent Who memory comes because of the three Doctor interactions.  But there are great moments of drama with them and some really clever moments, like a great moment with the sonic screwdriver. And some truly epic moments…


I want that on my wall to frame. That is so cool.

Speaking of the scenes on Gallifrey, they’re very well done. The Daleks make their awesomest appearance since well, Dalek, and this is the best story since Dalek with them in (I know, it’s sad that it took 8 years to get a good Dalek story). I also like the way they weren’t in the episode that much, yet when they do appear, it’s amazing. Now the fleet is destroyed, the Daleks should get a year off… oh. They’re in the Christmas special. WHY?!

The other villains, the Zygons, were also great. The way they were defeated was ingenious and their introduction was hilarious and creepy. Their plan is very good and if it was the whole episode, it would have been great anyway. But for the screen time they had, it was fantastic.

There were two brilliant cameos. The first one was the Twelfth Doctor, and the second was the Fourth Doctor. Or was he? When he appeared, I just thought that he was a random person. But, the dialogue indicated that he WAS the Doctor. There’s been speculation, but I just think it’s a future Doctor revisiting his past self.

In short, it was awesome. Because this is technically linked with Name of the Doctor, I’m allowed to put this two-part story as the fifth best story ever. Let’s look back on my list…

1. The God Complex

2.Planet of the Spiders

3.The Deadly Assasin


5. Name/Day of the Doctor

6. Vincent and the Doctor/Human Nature & the Family of Blood

7. The Curse of Fenric

8. Impossible Astronaught/Day of the Moon

9. Image of the Fendhal

10. A Christmas Carol (You can tell I love the Eleventh Doctor)

So, 50 years of Who sorted. Now let’s wait for Christmas and see… those eyes… The Twelfth Doctor is going to be amazing.

11 thoughts on “Day of the Doctor review- sort of

  1. I thought it really good too. But which number doctor was John Hurt? He’s the twelfth that we’ve seen, but in fact he is probably the first. Or the zeroth!!!

  2. It’s the first time I’ve watched Dr Who in years but I thought it was pretty cool. I think I’m going to start watching it just to see ‘Malcolm Tucker’ as The Doctor.

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