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Doctor Who’s scariest episodes

While I’ve stated I don’t celebrate Halloween, that doesn’t mean I don’t take advantage of its potential. So today I’ll be counting down the top 10 scariest Doctor Who episodes in preparation for tomorrow.

10. The Doctor’s Wife


This was one of the stronger Series 6 episodes (in fact, the whole series was consistently good/average until …., you know what , I’ll just skip that). What makes this episode work are the scenes in the possessed TARDIS  with the great direction and suspense and the green eerie glow makes it all the more suspenseful. Let’s hope more TARDIS-focused episodes take advantage of this.

9. 42


In my opinion an incredibly underrated episode, this episode is also suspenseful with an amazing villain. The scariest part is when the Doctor is possessed by the alien sun with the glowing eyes. Another part is when Martha is ejected into the sun and the music playing adds to the mood of the scene.

8. Human Nature/ Family of Blood


One word: SCARECROWS! SCARECROWS! THAT’S SCARY!!!!!!!! S C A R E C R O W S! One of the reasons this story works is just how scary the villains are, particularly the scarecrows. I know they’re not the main focus but the way they’re introduced is so scary. It’s such a basic concept made so scary and AWESOME!

7. The Name of the Doctor


50th in 24 days! WOOHH!! And when I watch it, it had better have Whispermen! They are really, really scary! The fact they have such a casual appearance and their weird hissing noise makes them really creepy. They also lack eyes and their sharp teeth look really out of place in that Victorian suit. A lot of the episode also has suspense and has a dark tone, making the creatures all the more scary.

6. The Impossible Astronaut

the impossible astronaught

Again, the villains make this episode scary. Whenever I see the Silence, I imagine that guy from the Scream picture. It’s the way they’re shot that makes them terrifying, like the bathroom scene or the orphanage scene. It makes me wish the Silence were used more, as they have amazing potential.

5. The Unquiet dead


Doctor Who’s first historical story of the revived series, this episode has a fantastic pre-credits sequence and has a great atmosphere. The Gelth are fantastic villains and there are several “AAARGH!” moments, like when Rose is trapped with the zombies and they have her trapped.

4. The Satan Pit

the beast

I’m doing this episode instead of the whole story as this episode is a lot scarier than the Impossible Planet. The Beast’s cave is very eerie and the Ood’s possession is also shocking. I also love the scene from the first part when the Beast tells Toby (I think that’s the guys name) not to look behind him or he dies.

3. Silence in the Library

hey who turned out the lights

One of the more complex stories in recent memory, this story works because of the great direction and the freaky Vashta Nerada. The scene where they take control of the recording device and say “Hey, who turned out the lights?” gets me every time. Also, the reveal of the woman’s face in the fake world was a huge “AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

2. Blink


An episode without the Doctor in it that much, Blink has a fantastic build up to the Weeping Angel attacks, making them incredibly scary. The way they are revealed with a jump scare is terrifying, and the concept itself is creepy. Everything has already been said, and this would be the scariest episode, if it wasn’t for…

1. The Empty Child

empty child

AAAAAARRRGGGGGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone’s favourite nightmare, the Empty Child is the definition of a terrifying episode. The atmosphere, the sound design, the direction and the voice all make the Empty Child quite possibly the scariest thing ever put on telly.

Well, hope that’s got you scared enough for tomorrow. The sad thing is that any of these episodes are scarier than any Halloween costumes I’ve seen. Oh well, it proves you need effort to scare people, especially me!


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