What is it with Halloween?

Eleven days until Halloween. The day of ghosts, zombies, witches and other weird creatures. Everyone dressing up and asking from complete strangers if they can have sweets.

My question is: WHY?

The original Halloween was the day before All Saint’s Day. That was when the gate to the underworld was the weakest so all the undead came to wreak havoc for one night. Then, over in America, someone thought it would be a good idea to get children dressing up and getting sweets. Halloween has since become a global phenomenon.

I have NEVER gotten into Halloween. I could never understand what drew people in. So let’s look at what people like-

Dressing up-


I have never liked dressing up so maybe this is one of the main reasons I don’t like Halloween. I find dressing up really silly so this is probably the main reason I dislike Halloween.

Trick or treating-

Trick or treaters on the porch

I like sweets just like everyone else (except my mum), but something about going to random people’s houses to get sweets just seems strange. I know many people go to their neighbours’ houses but what if the neighbours dislike having people going to their house at night in a scary costume?

Scary monsters-

scary costume

When people think of scary creatures, four things usually come to mind- ghosts, zombies, vampires and werewolves. Maybe the satisfaction of dressing up as something scary seems fun. But like I said above, do people appreciate strangers dressing up in scary costumes and potentially scaring them? You don’t want to do that if you want sweets.

So those are the main reasons I don’t like Halloween. What will I be doing? Watching the Nightmare before Christmas in my room and watching how many people come to my house. BUT, I won’t be opening the door.

20 thoughts on “What is it with Halloween?

  1. I so agree with you. Halloween was an American invention and it should have stayed there!
    This is just a marketing opportunity invented by commercial concerns to screw more money out of a parents who are pestered by their children who have been influenced by a concerted PR campaign. Health and Safety regulations have not helped as they have taken most of the fun out of Guy Fawkes day. In my youth, Halloween was only celebrated by the few – the rest of us were too busy building vast bonfires and spending our pocket money on fireworks which we could throw at each other. Halloween? Bah. Humbug.

    1. I completely forgot Guy Fawkes night existed because of the Halloween build-up. Reminds me of a film that my dad wants me to see about it. Firewoks are a lot cooler than dressing up as monsters as you get to sit outside and have proper discussions instead of wandering down dark alleyways and passages (which there are a lot of round here), going around random people’s houses.

  2. I agree 100% with you and Graham. I will be distributing “No trick or treat here please” posters supplied by Neighbourhood Watch to families without children on my patch. However, I will have a few sweets handy in case the local children come round. They already think I am a miserable old witch because I object to them playing with hard balls in the road and thus endangering my car. No, I’m not a car snob – I drive a 12 year old Honda Civic!!

    1. Hi Hazel,

      Please drop one “No trick or treat here please’ poster to me please. I never know such a thing exists! I must say some dressing up is terrible, too scary even for me (I don’t consider myself to be very old.) We live in an area with a lot of elderly people, and I could image how unfair it is for them to be scared and disturbed during the Halloween period.

      Last time, some supermarkets did not allow children to buy eggs and flour before Halloween. Do they still apply the same rule now? Apparently, some youngsters would go round attacking people with eggs and flour?

      1. There have been stories of elderly people being so scared of trick or treaters that they have caused accidents. Also, this might just be a story, but someone poisoned sweets and made children ill. Things like that do happen, especially at Halloween, making it very dangerous.

    2. The “No trick or treat here please” posters sound a very good idea. I will pass it on to my Parish Council for their consideration, although I find that having a reputation as the local psychopath and two very large dogs also works a treat (no pun intended).

      1. Maybe individual people could stick the posters to their door before the council get involved. If Halloween gets cancelled there would be a huge uproar. Unfortunately!

      2. I did not express myself too well. I was not trying to suggest that any Council should declare a unilateral ban on Halloween, but rather that my local Parish Council should print a few ‘No trick or treat’ posters that people could pick up from the Parish offices and display at their homes.

    3. Do those posters exist? If so then why aren’t they distributed around Chandler’s Ford more? Who pays for them and are most importantly… will they actually work?

  3. Hi Ben, i agree with you. Halloween is meaningless.
    In Singapore, Halloween is simply a commercial opportunity where restaurants or theme park TRICK people into buying an expensive meal or ticket and TREAT themselves to a night of horror! How silly!!

    1. In recent years, you can’t go into shops during the Halloween period (not just a day) without being greeted with zombies. Some shopkeepers also wear strange costumes and pointy hats. Once I visited a botanical garden, and the young people selling tickets were zombies and their make-up scared me. Perhaps the pensioners visiting the garden were braver than I was!

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