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My 10 favourite movies

Taking a break from my Doctor Who marathon, I’ve decided to list my favorite movies (in no particular order). The blog exercise by Lorelle inspired this post and I’ve tried to follow it as closely as possible.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas


This movie is so good. About five years ago I watched this movie EVERY SINGLE DAY for about a month, when my granddad gave the DVD to me as a present. It has a fantastic setting, great music and is the only musical I can remember without the characters’ motivation to be love. I can watch this movie any day and still love it. The opening song is also SO COOL…

  • Thor


Normally someone’s favourite Marvel movie would be Iron Man or The Avengers (which I’ve only seen half of on the plane to Singapore before inconveniently landing) but Thor (which I saw on that same plane) is probably my favourite. It has a great central character who evolves during the movie on how to change his behaviour, has fantastic action, awesome monsters and Loki, who is the King of Awesome Villains.

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? I’ve read four of the books and listened to three of them (as Stephen Fry can obviously get through books the size of bricks better than I can). I’ve seen all the films and while they’re all fantastic, the first one is the best in my eyes. It does an amazing job of telling the story through Harry’s eyes, before showing the magic (no pun intended) of Hogwarts and the magic world.

  • Pan’s Labyrinth


Wow. Wow. A dark and gritty war/fantasy tale, this movie is structured so well that you need to genuinely think about whether the two worlds presented in the movie are real. The creature designs are awesome and the whole movie just has a foreboding atmosphere around it so that you know that these characters might not make it to the end of the film. Do they? Well, that’s the brilliant part.

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail

monty python

The best example of British comedy, this movie is so funny I can watch it even when it is raining and still enjoy it. Most comedies I see now are pop culture jokes, one liners or fart jokes and this movie is able to go past that to deliver completely nonsensical humour… and take it completely normally. Just watch this clip and try not to crack a smile or laugh.

  • The Empire Strikes Back

darth vadar

When Doctor Who was off air in 2009, Star Wars was my sci-fi. After watching all of them, I can now say that Episode V is my favourite. It’s more dark, action packed and funny than the previous one, and has amazing model work and fight scenes. It’s also one of the few movies I’ve seen where the bad guy wins. And it has cinema’s greatest twist. I won’t say because of spoilers but… oh, you all know what it is.

  • Up


Ah, Pixar. Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Finding  Nemo, WALLE, some of the best animated films ever. But Up is quite possibly the best Pixar film. Not only is it funny and emotional, common features of Pixar, but it also has great characters and stunning animation. I watched this in 2009 as an 8 year old and even I could feel the emotional weight presented in the movie.

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark

raiders of the lost ark

Ahh Indiana Jones. While all of them are great (even the fourth one), you can’t top the original. Incredible effects for the 80’s, fantastic action (how can you forget the boulder scene?) and a plot so absurd it’s fun. The Last Crusade was an extremely close contender for the spot, but you can’t beat the original.

  • Skyfall


I haven’t seen enough Bond than I should (six out of 23), but if Skyfall is anything to judge, then the next ones should be fantastic too. Great action, a fantastic climax and opening, with an intriguing plot. Its great underlying themes about whether spies are relevant or not are also well handled. And then, while M talks to the government about that topic, the villain bursts in, thus explaining why spies are needed! That’s great story structure!

  • Pacific Rim

pacific rim

OH YEAH!!! Now that summer is over, the blockbusters have gone. Pacific Rim was easily the best summer blockbuster I saw this year. An awesome premise, incredible action (with a twenty minute fight in the middle of the film involving four robots, two monsters and a submarine) and enough characterisation to make the characters likable.

So they’re my Top 10. What’s yours? I know there’re films which apparently are great but I haven’t seen them, so if you could recommend one, that’ll be great.


About Ben Williams

I am a 17 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. I write about Doctor Who, superheroes, fantasy, films and occasionally dive into the random world of British culture.

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  1. What an interesting selection of films – I hadn’t even heard of some of them!

  2. Good list, Ben. All of these films are well worth watching – but I think that “Life of Brian” was better than the “Holy Grail” and that “Casino Royale” was better than “Skyfall”. “Up” is totally brilliant as is “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. It would be a close thing between Thor, Iron Man (part 1) and Avengers Assemble, but I would go for ‘Iron Man’ as my preferred choice.

    My own favourite top 10 is as follows:

    1) ET – simply the best film ever made
    2) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – my favourite serious Western and also the best background music
    3) Blazing Saddles – the best comedy Western of all time (although the ending is a bit weak)
    4) Galaxy Quest – the only decent comedy science fiction film ever made
    5) The Rocky Horror Picture Show – I will never, ever get tired of watching this
    6) Raiders of The Lost Ark – for all the reasons you said
    7) The Bourne Identity – better than even the best Bond film (Goldfinger)
    8) Jurassic Park – makes you believe that dinosaurs are still alive somewhere
    9) The Great Race – best slapstick comedy since the days of the Keystone Cops
    10) Carrie – most frightening ending to any movie ever made

    Enter the Dragon, Kill Bill (part1), Life of Brian, Groundhog Day, Under Siege (part 1) and Kentucky Fried Movie were close contenders for this list.

    • I REALLY need to watch Jurassic Park someday. My dad might have it on DVD somewhere. I don’t think dad agrees with you on ET though (he says he’s the only person on the planet who doesn’t).

      Haven’t seen Casino Royale yet. Going to have to someday. It’s on the list of movies I have to see.

      • Graham Williams

        I would be interested to know what your dad’s favourite movie is. Knowing him, I suspect it is some Manga production in the original Japanese with Hungarian sub-titles

  3. Some great choices, Ben.

    SWeV is said to be the best of all the SW films, so you are bang on the money there.

    I love the last two HP films the most, and I think it’s the best book as well.

  4. A computer crash has set me back, so I apologize for the delay in responding to this fantastic list. Wow. You’ve added some must watch movies to my list.

    Am I the only one left on the planet who hasn’t seen “Up?” LOL!

    I tried to think of movies that I could watch over and over again like I do Doctor Who and Start Trek and Stargate stuff. It’s hard. I’m really picky. Here they are not in order.

    1. Beetlejuice: To this day I laugh hysterically at this. It is pure eye candy – rude, crude, and socially unacceptable but it cheers me up regularly.
    2. Hairspray (modern): Love the songs, love the story, love the acting, just love it.
    3. In and Out: Another one with surprises at every corner. Wholesome and yet cracks me up completely. I love sharing this with new friends. Old ones just groan but they watch anyway.
    4. Believe – The Autobiography of Eddie Izzard: I can’t even count the dozens of times I’ve watched this, with and without friends. Used to watch it on the airplane on my laptop and phone when I was traveling all the time. So inspirational. Love Eddie Izzard humor. He is my replacement for George Carlin for intelligent humor.
    5. Star Trek (JJ Abrams versions): Adore these. Saw the first one over a dozen times. Love the FX, acting, story (except for the ice planet monster stupidity and waste of time – I take a break during that), and rebootology – the magic of Star Trek revived.
    6. Harry Potters: I’m right there with you. Love watching them in marathons with friends.

    I think that’s it. Those are the ones that stay out of the DVD rack all the time. Must be more, but these are my constant eye candy films.

    I love all the Star Trek Movies, Star Wars, and occasionally some Mel Brooks, but I like new and fun things, too.

    Ah, what would we be without our entertainment!

    I’m off to watch some of the films on your list! Keep the lists coming! You rock!

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