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Doctor Who Series Marathon: Series 3

Right. Rose is gone and David Tennant (!) is going solo for Series 3…

-1) The Runaway Bride

the runaway bride

David Tennant’s (!) second special, this episode is considerably weaker than the Christmas Invasion. It has a shouty, annoying companion (DONNA!) and many moments of silliness. However, it has a great climax and an impressive villain.

6/10- Silly moments and a horrible companion, but with enough entertainment to be enjoyed.

1) Smith and Jones


Wow. Wow. This is how you open a series. A great threat, a great plot and awesome moments make this a series highlight. However, like Rose, it has several reeeaaallllyyyy ssssllllllooowwww moments.

9/10- Reeeaaallly sssllloooowww moments, but awesome story and characters.

2) The Shakespeare Code


Witches. Yay. Shakespeare. Yay. Story. Oh. While the Elizabethan setting is well realised, the story is meh. The plot itself is cool, but the episode has lots of silly moments and loads of unnecessary side characters.

7/10- Weird and silly moments, but with a great setting and plot.

3) Gridlock


Like the Long Game, this episode feels like build up. And it is. But like that episode, it still is pretty good story. While the Macra are severely underused, it has great ideas and a fantastic final monologue delivered by David Tennant (!).

9/10- Underused monsters, but fantastic moments

4/5- Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks


This is going to be the only angry review in this season. Honest. So if you want the good reviews, go further on. OK, right…

WHY!? WHY?! WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? I’ll be serious then. This story really is terrible. It has stupid moments, a confused plot and really obvious tonal changes. This whole story feels like it should have been a Cyberman story

3/10- Some good moments, but a weak story and horrible moments.

6) The Lazarus Experiment


I’ve already blogged about this episode, but I’ll recap again. The monster is awesome, the action is intense but the story is nonexistent and the final 15 minutes are just filler. It does however, have great themes thought the script.

7/10- Bad ending and story, with great ideas and an amazing monster.

7) 42


Another episode that everyone seems to hate but I love. This episode is claustrophobic, tense and a fantastic villain (a sun, that is awesome!). However, the supporting cast are very dull, which is a problem because we need to care for them by the end.

8/10- Fantastic plot and villain, with boring characters.

8/9- Human Nature/The Family of Blood

awesome scarecrow

We now move on to the good stuff. The REALLY good stuff. Not just Top 20 stuff, but Top 10 stuff. What can I say? David Tennant’s acting, phenomenal! Everyone else’s acting, fantastic! Bad guys? SCARECROWS! That’s so cool! But the script is the real star, with so many undertones and great characterisation. Also, well done for making me almost tear up near the end. NOT CRY, just tearing up. Almost.

10/10- Everything here works. David Tennant’s best story and one of Doctor Who’s best.

10) Blink


I can’t say anything about this one. That’s because everyone else has already said everything about this masterpiece. Go watch or read any review to find out what makes this work. A definite win.

10/10- Not a Top 10 (it really fought against Human Nature for best David Tennant story), but a Top 20.

11/12/13- Utopia/Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords


I have the strangest opinions when it comes to the Series 1-4 finales. Two are meh, one is completely terrible , and one is a masterpiece. This one. It’s also the one which most people don’t like.

OK, you can criticise the wheelchair Doctor and the pretty weak ending, but the story is so well structured and with an immense scope, fantastic moments and one of the best cliffhangers in Doctor Who history that those flaws are pushed aside. This story is sheer awesome.

10/10- A phenomenal watch from start to finish.

Wait, three 10/10’s in a row…

Final Series Verdict- 10/10- The best series since the show came back in 2005, this series is only slightly let down by the Dalek two-parter. But with episodes like 42, Human Nature, Blink and The Sound of Drums means that this series rises above the rest in terms of story quality.


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  1. Ben,

    Blink is very scary. I was so scared watching it …..I don’t think Doctor Who is suitable for children (and their mothers).

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