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The Royal Baby

As you all know, courtesy of every newspaper and news channels in the country, the Duchess of Cambridge is going to give birth soon. Instead of discussing what the baby should be called, I’m going to talk about what the baby is going to get when he/she becomes king/queen.

They will be monarch of- lots, and I mean lots, of islands, a huge chunk of North America with not many people, a moderate chunk of Central America and a continent with not many people.

Not very impressive when you think about it.

The Commonwealth is a collection of 16 countries (including Britain) that are ruled by the monarch of Britain. Most of these countries are Pacific or Caribbean islands with Canada, Australia and Belize in the mix. So it’s lots of islands, a barely populated continent and a barely populated part of North America.


This map is a list of the Commonwealth countries. The blue countries are current Commonwealth countries and brown are former Commonwealth countries. So we could have had chunks of Africa, the Indian sub-continent with over a BILLION people, more islands and a chunk of South America.


We have two of the biggest countries in the world with hardly any people. The total amount of people in the Commonwealth is 134 million people. The Queen is Queen of 2% of the world.


Phew. Sorry, got in a bit of a rant there.


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I'm 16 years old. I like animals, lasagne, comic books, films, role-playing games and Doctor Who. I write cool stuff - Doctor Who, science fiction, film reviews, and quirks about Britain. I have a blue-tongued skink called Georgy and a cat called Billy.

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  1. I really like this post. But, how big was the British Empire? Perhaps you could make a comparison.

    • Graham Williams

      The British ruled the most globally diverse empire that the world has ever known and at its peak covered nearly 23% of the world’s land surface and ruled 20% of the world’s population (458 million, the most ever). It is however only the second largest in percentage terms – the Mongol Empire ruled just under 30% of the land area and had 26% of the population as its subjects.

  2. Ben, the Commonwealth consists of is 54 countries but only 16 of them have The Queen as head of state. The Queen is Head of the Commonwealth, but it doesn’t “go with the job”. The next monarch would not automatically inherit the headship of the commonwealth.

  3. And, thanks to the Pitcairn Islands, the sun still never sets on the British Empire. This article will tell you more.

  4. Graham Williams

    Just to clarify your 4th paragraph, the Commonwealth (formerly known as the British Commonwealth) has 53 active members (Fiji is currently suspended and another 7 have applied for membership) and currently 16 of them recognise the Queen as head of state. As well as the territories shown on your map, at one time or another Britain has ruled all of North America apart from Alaska, all of the Indian Sub-continent (including Sri Lanka), most of the Middle East and large chunks of Africa and South East Asia, and a few islands in the Mediterranean.

    I do not think we actually lost the Empire – more like gave it away by giving independence to those who wanted it (and to some who did not) and it is a natural progression in the development of any nation to want self-determination and many great empires have been broken up as a result (the latest was the Soviet Empire which fell apart about 25 years ago).

    If this process did not happen, Britain would still be part of the Roman Empire – and how would you like being ruled by a load of foreigners and have no say whatsoever in the future of your country?


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