Pacific Rim review

Remember way, way back last summer when I reviewed this movie? Well I thought that this summer I’ll be reviewing Pacific Rim, which I’ve been anticipating since I saw the trailer.

pacific rim

So, is the movie any good? Well, this is the Doctor’s reaction-

oh yeah!
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The plot is simple. Giant monsters rise from portal thingy in the Pacific, humans build robots to fight them, monsters get bigger and humans have awesome plan to close the portal (which I won’t explain because this is SPOILER-FREE!)

The best thing about the movie are the monsters, or kaiju, as they are called in the movie. There are about eight monsters and they all have cool names. One of them is so fantastic that it joins the Minotaur from the God Complex, the kea and the nuckleavee as something that I want as a pet.

But, you can’t have good villains without good heroes, but luckily, the giant robots (called Jeagars) are also awesome. They aren’t as cool as the kaiju but they still have awesome powers and names.

The action in this movie is also amazing. I’m prepared to name a huge fight in the middle of the film the best action scene of the year (but then again, I need to watch more movies before I can actually make that list). There are three big robot on monster action scenes and all of them are filmed using long shot techniques so the audience sees all the action. The action scenes are fun to watch.

fight scene

The plot is also very interesting and takes some very clever turns. It isn’t too convoluted or too simple so it’s not just fight, fight punch, punch OR so complicated that you don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing *Star Trek*. Sorry, I have a bad cough.

The movie is currently 5th in the box office, below Now You See Me and above Monsters University 3D, and while I think Now You See Me does need money, Pacific Rim still needs lots of money. The movie has grossed $102 million approximately (in American dollars, I don’t know how many pounds) and cost $190 million dollars to make, SO GO WATCH THE MOVIE! GET EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO WATCH THE MOVIE! IT’S VERY GOOD AND ACTION PACKED!

Anyway, onto the next movie I want to watch-


The trailer for this is amazing. Also, it’s a Marvel superhero movie with explosions and all that good stuff. I really really want to watch this. And since it has a 12A, I’m allowed.


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