Ben’s Top 5 favourite animals

Hello and welcome to Ben’s Top 5! Today I’ll be listing my personal favourite animals.

So, at number 5…

  • The fossa


OK, WHAT IS THIS THING?? Seriously, it’s not a dog, or a cat, or ANYTHING! Living only on the island of Madagascar, this is the main predator in the whole country. It’s such a unique creature that lurks in the dry forests of southern Madagascar and eats the faces of their lemur victims. (No, I’m not making that up).

  • Humbolt squid


While I think squids in general are awesome, the reason the Humbolt Squid takes the crown because while the giant and colossal squids are bigger, the humbolt squid can actually be seen if you dive off the coast of North and South America at night, you can see swarms of these huge squids that eat fish swarms. They also have spiked tentacles to prevent their food from escaping. AWESOME!

  • Monitor lizards

moniter lizard


OK, I’m kind of cheating, but all monitor lizards are COMPLETELY awesome! Nile monitor, perentie, komodo dragon, lace monitor, water monitor, crocodile monitor- the list goes on. Their poison, their whip tails, the slashing claws, what’s not to like?

  • Alligator snapping turtle

snapping turtle


I. LOVE. THIS. CREATURE. Located in the Florida swamps, this awesome creature lures fish and small birds in with a pink, wormy tongue. But that’s not all. The snapping turtle also has a strong  jaw which can snap bones and is very well camouflaged.

  • Kea



Now you maybe thinking, a parrot? A PARROT?! Well, read the next paragraph. And then you will know WHY this animal is my favourite animal.


The kea is found on New Zealand’s South Island. New Zealand is a country which is known for cute, fluffy birds.

So why does it have a SHEEP. EATING. PARROT?!

It can damage cars, kills people (sometimes), annoys tourists and EATS. SHEEP. 

Do I need to say more about why this bird is my favourite animal? It EATS SHEEP!

So, if you go to New Zealand in your summer holidays, one warning- DON’T GO TO THE SOUTH ISLAND! THE KEA WILL EAT YOUR SHEEP!

Right. You have been warned.

3 thoughts on “Ben’s Top 5 favourite animals

  1. I didn’t believe you about the kea until I checked it for myself. Thank you for the new and fascinating information.

  2. A Kea tried to pull the windscreen wiper off when I was in New Zealand. But apart from that, they just seemed to sit by the side of the road, not doing much. Perhaps they were waiting for a sheep.

    Out of your list, I think I like Monitor Lizards the best. They’re very cool indeed.

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