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My Doctor Who Series 8 Wishlist

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You may be aware that Doctor Who Series 8 is probably going to be shown in August next year, with a new Doctor. So, in preparation, I’m going to do a Top 5 Wishlist for Series 8.

5. Longer episodes

horrible story with a horrible ending

Let’s go back and watch Hide, one of the popular Series 7 episodes with Matt Smith. Please pay attention to the ending. THERE ISN’T ONE!!!!! The ending was basically, “Oh, the monster’s in love”. End credits. If the episode had been an hour long, an extra 15 minutes could have been added to improve the ending and tie up the loose ends. The episode would have been much more impressive.


Also, let’s look back at the Rings of Akhaten episode. While I love almost everything about it, from the alien planet to the awesome speech at the end, I have to admit it had small quibbles. The Mummy and the Vigil had about five minutes of screen time only, and they were actually the most hyped-up villains of  the episode.  Also, when the planet exploded, the episode then cut straight to the TARDIS. I was wondering what had happened to the people singing in the stadium? An extra 15 minutes could have explained a bit more thoroughly. So, for Series 8, hour-long episodes would be much appreciated.

4. LEAVE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

other akhaten picture

OK, Series 7 has given us many alien planets, but we need MORE! In the first four seasons, hardly any episodes were on alien planets. The Rings of Akhaten was the best alien planet episode in a long time because there was no threat to Earth. It was just the Doctor arriving on a planet and encountering a threat that needed to be sorted there. We need more episodes on alien planets to show that the Doctor’s universe is actually huge, expansive and marvellous.

3. New writers

ikThe writer for one of my all time favourite episodes, Vincent & the Doctor, was a one-off writer who hasn’t written an episode since. (He also wrote Blackadder, how about that?) Not only do I want him to return to write another brilliant episode, but I also would like new writers to write and show off their talents. I want my personal favourite writers to write episodes, which means the new episodes WILL guarantee to be absolutely amazing!

2. Two parters

awesome scarecrow

What happened to two parters? Seriously, what? Another favourite of mine, Human Nature/The Family of Blood, worked successfully because it was a two parter. Part one set up the scene carefully, while part two was more focused on the main emotional aspect of the story (but I DIDN’T cry!) More of my favourites, Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords and The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon, also followed a similar formula. The series 3-5 format of the two parters needs to be brought back so stories could breathe a bit more, and overall enhance the plot.

1. Daleks

dalek 2

When I mean Daleks, I mean no Daleks. Not that I don’t like them, but they’ve been WAYYYYYYYYY too overused. In Series 2, four Daleks were able to defeat hundreds of Cybermen. How is that fair? There have been seven Dalek stories since 2005, however, none of them were any good, except Asylum of the Daleks and Dalek. If we give the Daleks a well deserved break, it will allow the Cybermen, who’ve only had four stories to themselves so far, to have a finale to themselves and step into the spotlight for a few years and be the 12th Doctor’s biggest threat.


(Oh, and no using those irritating parallel Earth Cybermen. The original Cybermen from the classic series are the TRUE Cybermen!)

I hope  the BBC will read this and improve the next series. Doctor Who has been my favourite TV program, and I really would like to see excellent stories every week.



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I'm 16 years old. I like animals, lasagne, comic books, films, role-playing games and Doctor Who. I write cool stuff - Doctor Who, science fiction, film reviews, and quirks about Britain. I have a blue-tongued skink called Georgy and a cat called Billy.

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  1. Graham Williams

    Great piece of writing, Ben – you have a future as a television critic. Well done. One small point though. The writer of Vincent & The Doctor (Richard Curtis) did indeed write on all four series of Blackadder, but series 1 (written with Rowan Atkinson) was RUBBISH and it was not until series 2 when Ben Elton came in as co-writer that it deservedly became a comedy classic. If you really think that Richard Curtis is a great writer then the next time you come to stay I will force you to watch all his “comedy” films starring Hugh Grant until you admit you are wrong!

  2. Excellent points, Ben; especially number 4. Let’s hope someone’s listening.

  3. Great points, especially #5, though I guess the beeb probably won’t give Doctor Who the budget to film 13, hour long episodes, which kinda sucks 😦

    (to be honest if the episodes were an hour each, I’m not sure you’d really *need* two parters anymore)

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