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The Eleventh Doctor’s Bottom 10 stories

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OK, let’s get straight to this, or I’ll become permanently angry. The Eleventh Doctor had some great stories, but he had some HORRIBLE stories as well…

10. The Power of Three


OK, I just want to say, the first five stories in this list aren’t  TERRIBLE, just not that impressive. This story has about 30 minutes of sheer awesome, setting the emotional setting for the epic end of Amy and Rory. BUT, the last ten minutes are incredibly rushed and leaves too many plot holes and unanswered questions. For example, the box-mouthed servants are never explained and the villain is defeated too easily.

9. The Wedding of River Song

thing 2

Urrr. Urrr. Urrr. AAAAARRRGGHHHH!!!! YOU HAD THE SETUP! YOU HAD A GREAT STORY ARC! YOU COULD HAVE DONE A FANTASTIC FINALE! Sorry. I just find this finale to be the weakest finale (except for Parting of the Blargh, and Doomsday, and Jorney’s Blargh. OK, it’s not as bad). The second half is really slow and the final twist of how the Doctor survives his death ruins the emotions all the soppy people crying over the his death.

8. Let’s Kill Hitler

thing 3

In short, this is what happens in Let’s Kill Hitler-




7. A Town Called Mercy

thing 4


Yawn. Yawn. Come on, considering this is from the writer who gave us Vampires of Venice and The God Complex, I had high hopes. This episode is SO DULL! Also, there are plot holes and a really, really, really confused plot. The moral dilemma is confused and the Doctor is incredibly out of character.

6. The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

thing 5

Pass me a pillow please.


The story is paced like a snail riding a limping tortoise riding a glacier, with dull characters and a plot ripped right off from The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood with the Silurians. It also has major plot holes and a really weak production design. The monster at the end isn’t threatening and the Gangers look fake.

5. Hide


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY?! The plot is incredibly full of holes with a complete change in focus half-way through. Nothing happens until 40 minutes and a tacked on plot “twist” that changes nothing. It’s as if the episode thought “OH NO! I JUST REMEMBERED I HAVE A STORY TO TELL!” Urrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg…

4. The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe


Fluff up that pillow please.

I hate this. It’s so BORING and DULL and NOTHING HAPPENS. It’s meant to be a Christmas Special! WHY CAN’T YOU MAKE IT FUN! There is absolutely no threat and it’s such a BOREFEAST! Although it isn’t as dull as…

3. A Christmas Carol


Sharks, snow and spaceships can’t save this. It has mind insulting plot holes and is paced like a slug and a snail in wheelchairs with hardly any excitement. Also, why is there a SHARK IN THE SKY??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Cold War

ice warriors

WHAT HAPPENED HERE?! This was hyped up to be the awesome, base under siege story. So what went wrong? The ice warrior itself barely has any screen time, and when the ice warrior did appear, it was in the shadows. There are lots of writing contrivances and so much filler. Urg. The ice warriors deserve better.

1. The Girl who Waited


Right. Before I continue, go back and get all my praise for all the 10 stories in part 1. Then times that by 1,000000000000. Then gather all the hate for the past 9 stories and times that by 1,0000000000.

That still can’t say how much I LOATH this episode.

Everything went wrong. The pacing is so poorly handled that I was bored all the way through. The plot is so needlessly complicated that it brings to mind plot holes the size of the Grand Canyon. The sets are lazy and the Handbots are ripped off from the Raston Warrior Robot from the 1984 story The Five Doctors. The final twist at the end is also lazy and betrays everyone’s trust over the Doctor.


Right. That’s it. I can’t say any more or I’ll explode.


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