A really weird Eurovision pattern…

europe_map_political (1)

Ok, look at this map of Europe.

Now, who won Eurovision- Denmark, right?

Who won Eurovision last year? Sweden.

Year before? Azerbaijan.

Before them? Norway.

OK, now look at the map again

europe_map_political (1)

OK, Denmark, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Norway. Norway is next to Sweden. Denmark is below Sweden.


Yeah, three of the five Scandinavian have won. So, something must be going on.

BUT, there’s good news. Iceland is Scandinavian and –


Yup. We’re underneath Iceland. So if Iceland wins next year, if my hypothesis is correct, we will have a good chance to win the following year.

Fingers crossed…


5 thoughts on “A really weird Eurovision pattern…

  1. You have the makings of a great politician – conveniently ignoring any data that does not fit your theory (and I am talking about Azerbajan).

    1. You forgot idiots, religious nuts, creationists, certain scientists, any human who succumbs to the impulsive and emotional instinct to subjectively and biasdly argue with those who do not conform to their beliefs, etc.

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