Doctor Who is not racist!

Doctor Who is NOT, I repeat NOT, racist.

In an article in the Telegraph, it says that several academics have called the show “thunderously racist”.

Sorry WHAT?!

No I’m serious…………………. just WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

The main argument is that none of the eleven Doctors have been Asian or black. Academics have said that this means that the show is racist.

OK, I have two comments for that-

1: It’s not about the skin colour, it’s about the actor. Maybe no Asian or black actors have expressed interest in the role, and that’s their decision, not the BBC’s or academic’s decisions.

2: Why does it matter? Just because eleven white actors have been the Doctor doesn’t make the show racist. Lots of foreign and black actors have had major or minor roles in the show and the BBC has said that “reflecting the diversity of the UK is a duty of the BBC, and casting on Doctor Who is colour blind. It’s all about finding the right actors for the roles”. THERE Mr. Academic man, THERE!

Another thing on the matter is the fact that not only do I think Doctor Who isn’t racist, I think it’s ANTI- racist.

Example: the Daleks. The Daleks are based of the Nazis, who thought everyone who weren’t them were wrong. The Daleks believe the same. That’s racist to everyone who aren’t them. Doctor Who shows that beliefs like these are wrong, thus preventing racism like that.

So, do you agree with my point? Do you think complaining that Doctor Who is racist is fair?


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who is not racist!

  1. “Dr Who has always been white and is therefore racist”. Lindy Orthia, who compiled the anthology is white and, I assume, has always been so. By the same logic she would also, therefore, be racist.

    “Early versions of the show were also criticised for casting white actors in ethnic role”. Unfortunately this doesn’t explain whether this was the norm or the exception, or set the context that this was not unusual for TV shows of the period. Not that this was right; however we have to be careful when applying the standards of today with events of the past – so long as we have learned from them. “History is a different place – they do things differently there”.

    I’m not sure “racist” is the right term, given the evidence in the article. “short-sighted”, “narrow-minded” or “stereotypical” might have been better words to describe what they claim to have found.

  2. I read the article as well. I completely agree with you, but it does prove that such academics are mealy-mouthed, politically expedient tosspots. No wonder academic standards are slipping if this is what our top intellectuals are concerning themselves with.
    [The choice of words in this reply has been modified to be suitable for 12-year-old eyes and acceptable to their mothers.]

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