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Eurovison- Part 2

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Ok, I have got even MORE excuses for countries that should vote for us in Eurovision. So here goes…

  • Turkey: Skyfall, the biggest grossing film of ALL TIME was British and the opening was shot in Istanbul. If Turkey don’t vote for us, we’ll film the next James Bond somewhere else.
  • Greece: Britain LOVES Greece. We have book after book after book on their smart bearded brainy guys such as Pythagoras and Aristotle, book after book on their mythology and we have also used their monsters a lot in literature This includes an appearance by the Minotaur in my personal favourite Doctor Who story-

Doctor: Just wondering if there will be a post without Doctor Who being mentioned?
Minotaur: Probably not.

So, if Greece doesn’t vote for us, we’ll suck up the Mediterranean Sea, consequently, they’ll lose their warmth and lose their tourists.

  • Andorra, San Marino, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg (if they can vote as I’m not sure which countries can vote): I think I’ll let a friend of mine explain why these four countries should vote for us-

guy 2

“Hello, are you small countries tired of being unknown by some people? Well, vote for Britain and we’ll film the next awesome James Bond film in YOUR country and tear up half the country! Luckily, you’ll be more famous as the next film will be the new biggest grossing movie of all time and you can be famous as we filmed there. Just vote for Britain or I’ll tear the country up anyway.”

Er, OK Mr.Bond, I know you like explosions but blowing up countries is not an option.

Anyway, can you think of anything that would make other countries vote for us?

Next week, I’ll be doing Eurovision reaction to see if any of our demands are met…


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I'm 16 years old. I like animals, lasagne, comic books, films, role-playing games and Doctor Who. I write cool stuff - Doctor Who, science fiction, film reviews, and quirks about Britain. I have a blue-tongued skink called Georgy and a cat called Billy.

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  1. You are funny today, Ben 🙂

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