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If WWI never happened…

Right, World War One. The “war to end all wars”. Right, let’s get a list of all the wars AFTER WWI…




See? Wars just start more wars. Now let’s REALLY take a look how the First World War started…

OK, so Britain joined the war as Germany was marching through a small neutral country (Belgium) to attack France because- because.

Any reason why Germany should attack France when they should be attacking Russia? Just cause!?


Anywho, Germany lost the war and signed the Treaty of Versailles which made Germany lose loads of lands. This made a few guys not happy, including –

hitlerYes, him. And we all know what happened next-

ww2Yup. Which led to a Hitler rip-off doing the same thing in Asia-

hitler rip off

Yup. And let’s not forget IN WWI the Russian Revolution led by-


Yup. Which led this guy to start the Cold War with America-

mostache guy

Looking pretty good, isn’t it? And let’s not forget-


Right. So, all these Communist chaps led the world into two halves: Oh, I forgot-

korean war



Yeah. Both wars started because of Communism, which started because of WWII, which started because of WWI.

SEE! You get maniacs like Hitler, who could have been a cabbage seller, and this guy-

weird hair

… who used to be a teacher, could have stayed a teacher, instead of being a homicidal Communist killing machine. So, World War One not only killed lots of people, but killed a LOT more people in its wake.

World War II: About 73,000,000 killed.

Holocaust: About 10 MILLION!

Russian Revolution/Civil war/Famine: About 5 million.

China famine: 20/43 million killed (unclear)

Korean War: 2.5 million civilians killed, unclear how many soldiers

Vietnam War: About 2,000,000

Cambodian Famine: 740,000 (about)

See, look at all these wars and famines that have followed.

Mr Austrian King Guy, just cause one heir got shot doesn’t mean you can invade the nearest country  and start practically 100 years of war, death and being mean to each other.



About Ben Williams

I am a 17 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. I write about Doctor Who, superheroes, fantasy, films and occasionally dive into the random world of British culture.

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  2. Graham Williams

    Love the ‘con brio’ style of this post – not sure about the logic though!


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