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Bible plot holes

Right, before I begin, if you’re a Christian and DON’T want to be offended, don’t read this. If you are a Christian and don’t mind being slightly offended, then continue.

Also, I’m NOT being offensive to Christians, as I respect them. But, this post is my thoughts on slightly strange plot holes in the Bible.

So, here we go with Bible plot holes:

  • Right, in the parable of the good Samaritan, Jesus tells everyone to look after everyone else. BUT, if Jesus is preaching about looking after EVERYONE, no matter who they are, then WHY was God, St Boniface, Moses and EVERYONE in the Old Testament is busy destroying other religious sites and converting everyone to Christianity. SO JESUS IS BASICALLY TELLING EVERYONE TO RESPECT EVERYONE THAT GOD HAS TOLD PEOPLE NOT TO RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Also, Jesus and God all preach about peace. So WHY does God destroy 2 cities in the Old Testament? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, these are two of the main plot holes in the Bible. What other plot holes can you think of?


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I'm 16 years old. I like animals, lasagne, comic books, films, role-playing games and Doctor Who. I write cool stuff - Doctor Who, science fiction, film reviews, and quirks about Britain. I have a blue-tongued skink called Georgy and a cat called Billy.

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  1. OK, here’s one. What we know as the ten commandments aren’t what the text of the bible says are the ten commandments.

    Also, when Moses went yo get the ten commandments he was also give a lot more – all sorts of laws, and rules for worship (sizes of the tabernacle, materials to use, etc etc.). All this was written on stone tablets. When he came back and found the golden calf he got angry and broke the tablets and had to go back to get some more. The second time he got the ten commandments only. Yes then the Israelites set about building the tabernacle as per the original instructions – which had apparently been destroyed.

    • This guy Moses seems to have appointed himself as an expert on God. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took it upon himself to write, edit & publish Tablets on behalf of his creator.

      This would explain two things:
      1) People who think they hear voices (even God’s) tend to be a wee bit unstable and are prone to smashing things IE Tablets.

      2) As these voices were figments of Moses’ own mind, I don’t doubt that he had no problem writing it down a 2nd time. (Yeah, it was different, but he’s an expert on god and an editor/publisher)

      History would have been MUCH simpler if Lithium Salts were available for the likes of Eve, Noah, Muḥammad and Jesus…

  2. Ultimately being good to others is a pretty common sentiment in several religions

  3. Hazel Bateman

    It is never offensive to ask these sorts of questions,Ben. I have been a Christian for nearly 60 years and struggling with these sorts of questions in the Bible is how my faith in God has grown. One observation: peace is not just absence of conflict – true peace has to be ‘peace with justice’.

  4. I am a Christian and I am very pleased to share with you what I learnt from the bible. 🙂

    I shall answer the 2nd part of your question. In order to understand it better, It would be good to read Genesis 19:1-19,

    Israelite tradition was unanimous in ascribing the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah to the wickedness and immorality of these cities.

    For instance Genesis 19:5. They called to Lot and said to him,”Where are the men who came to your house tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have intimacies with them.”

    Basically speaking, it is very very difficult to find peace in such an evil place.

  5. Graham Williams

    Before I start, let me stress that this is just my opinion. There are two distinctly different Gods in the Bible. Old Testament God is all about power, absolutism and vengeance – obey me or you will perish (e.g. Jericho,Noah and the Flood, Sodom & Gomorrah, the plagues inflicted on the Egyptians). There is a constant theme throughout – the devout and obedient (Moses, David, Noah, Jonah, Daniel) survive and prosper whereas the non-believers suffer or perish (Goliath, loads of Egyptians, the Babylonians). New Testament God is wise, kind and protective and prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of mankind (the death of His son). To me, the difference is simply a reflection of the times when the stories were produced. Mankind has always wanted to invoke the support of a higher power (or powers) to justify its actions or its policies – remember, history is written by the winners. Old Testament books were written for a Semite audience and were a potted history of the tribal warfare that dominated the Middle East throughout the period covered – hence the destruction and killing that goes on. The books of the New Testament were written in Greek for a Western audience between 3 and 4 centuries after the life of Jesus by which time the concept of Empire had become established, hence the idea of an all-seeing, wise and benevolent God looking after his people – an analogy of how the Roman and Greek rulers wished to be perceived by the nations they had occupied. Because of their different agendas, any correlation between Old and New Testaments will be coincidence – you should not regard the books of the New Testament as a chronological continuation of the books of the Old Testament. but rather as separate stand-alone works of great interest.

  6. What about Satan? Suppose someone is a Satanist…..
    You’re main goal would be the opposite of a Christian, someone who wants to be reborn and go to Heaven and live with God AKA Christ as your reward for not being a sinner.
    So if you ARE a Satanist you want to be a sinner so you can die, go to hell and be with Satan forever as your reward! Simple huh? So how should you sin? Murder? OK, but what if you don’t make the death horrible enough (enough pain & suffering) you might make Satan very mad and not get to go to hell to be with him forever. He might punish you by sending you to Heaven and be with god and Christ forever and ever.

    • Graham Williams

      Loved reading your post – the idea of being ejected from Hell for not being nasty enough is brilliant. However, you are wrong to equate Satanism with sin. Satanism is an alternative religion focused on earthly principles rather than the spiritual ones propounded by Christianity. The opposite of “right” is “wrong” in both disciplines – it is just the definitions that are different. In all religions, if you do wrong you commit a sin – and that makes you a sinner,not a Satanist. It is also a mistake to view Christianity as a single entity – there are as many factions as there are in Islam. Catholicism in particular once taught (and may still do so) that only Catholics would go to Heaven and everyone else (including Protestants) were heretics who were damned to burn in eternity in the fires of Hell. This is nonsense of course – everyone knows that Heaven is exclusively reserved for us Baptists!

  7. This is a plot hole I’ve never quite understood. In the crucifixion story, the Pharisees got Judas to betray Jesus, by telling them where he was, and pointing out (by a kiss) which one he was. Huh? The dude had just marched into Jerusalem with hundreds of chanting followers, and was about the most famous guy at the time. They could’ve just asked someone on the street – “hey, do you know where Jesus is?… “Yeah… he’s over there.” I mean it’s not like he was hiding out like the hole-in-the-wall gang – he was preaching from hilltops and temples, and probable have lattes and chardonnays at the street cafes. They needed Judas to point out which one he was? Ummm… he’s the guy that everyone is worshipping… you know, the one you’ve been having arguments with? You know? That one? Yeah. The whole Judas bit was a senseless sub-plot that really was not necessary, and kind of illogical. Whoever wrote that stuff needed a better editor.

  8. Rebbeca Cascinelli

    It all seems cult-like to me. I have, by no means, any terribly spiritual/ beliefs. I would be easily persuaded either way, my family is Jewish, I am Atheist. Really, on Christian terms, I am to go to hell either way. But why would a God so supreme, so benevolent, kill those who live in the remote corners of the globe because they have not heard his word? That seems malevolent, and what of Jesus? My family hasn’t fallen over that baloney for centuries. Literally.
    First things first, ( don’t worry, I am educated about the Christian religion) the mustard seed is not the smallest of seeds. The smallest of seeds is the orchids.Just saying. Most of the Christians I have encountered have totally disregarded science. To quote Einstien, a Jewish man, ” Religion without science rs blind.Sience without religion is lame.” I am one to believe, much like Richard Feynman, another great scientist who rejected Judiasm, that religion has no place in the world of modern science.
    All religious documents are practically constructed on plot holes.( Of course this is a multiple generalization in the logical form of an argument, ie all men are mortal, or all A are B, when replaced with schematic letters, as usual. If you are interested, just look up logic, or Bertrand Russel.) To speak more of logic (my friends refer to me as Spock, if that explains much, and coincidentally Spock was first portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, who was also Jewish) There are holes in logical believability, like burning bushes that can talk. There are illogical contradictions, illogical writing structure, and illogical behaviour displayed, like saying but not doing, and the murder of intelligent life. All murder of animal life can be seen as illogical. When you kill animals, you become one. God, if even real, is just a malevolent animal watching us suffer from above. Where was he when six million of his chosen people where murdered?
    I am generally stoic, but the cruelty of God, if he is even real, makes my blood boil. God is a murderer. That is a sin. In any universe, he is the devil himself!
    Gene Roddenberry, the creator of my favourite film franchise of all time, Star Trek, stated ” Religions vary in their degree of idiocy, but I reject them all.” For example: Hinduism: Don’t eat those cows. They are sacred, even though they are stupid. Those rats? Don’t kill them, that’s your family, even though their are sanitation hazards. Buddhism: This statue, this inanimate object, is God. Scientology: aliens. From the ground. Plus you have all of those crazy cults, like Heaven’s Gate, in which the brother of the woman who portrayed Star Trek The Original Series` Lieutenant Uhura, committed mass suicide to have his soul board a star ship to Sirus and escape earthly apocalypse.
    Of course, I am no spiritual prophet. I am but a jello-eating trekkie of a skeptical nature that worships philosophical logic, science, and moral judgement in place of some invisible, talking creature in the sky. Seriously, all religious people can be considered insane. They talk to an invisible thing in the sky and they think it talks back to them. Besides, there are so many contradictory religions, all of which I believe to be rooted in fundamentally illogical primitive superstition.

    Call me a Christ Killer, but Jesus is dead. He was, supposedly, a good man. God is dead. Religion is dead, and despite Stephen Hawking, philosophy is very well alive. I could be wrong. This is only my humble opinion. Oh, and by the way EPICDUDA, My family also had Itailian ancestry, and my mother has a brilliant lasagna recipe, if you would ever like to know about that.

  9. Personally, I’ve always seen it as Jesus not just telling humans to change their ways but also then going to God and telling Him to change as well. Telling humans ‘hey, be nice to each other’ and then telling God ‘Oi, you keep saying you like these people and chose them so how about actually being nice to them and not raining brimstone or plague every five minutes?’ Jesus was just. That. Good.

    Then again, this is a largely uninformed agnostic view.


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