Why I like history

For those people who have followed my blog from the start you’ll notice I wrote weird stuff. Then, around half-way through my blogging, I started to like history. You may wonder why I am now OBSESSED with history.

Here’s why…

Infant school: I can’t remember ANYTHING from Year R (Reception) but I can remember in Year 1 not only did I have the BEST infant school teacher but we learned about the Gunpowder Plot and had an awesome book corner about history AND we sometimes watched educational TV including Louise Braille and Florence Nightingale clips. In Year 2 we had a Victorian day and learned about the Great Fire of London and dressing a Stuart on a computer. We also learned about the Titanic and what happened.

Junior school: In Year 3 we learned all about the Romans and had a Roman dress day. Year 4 was a blur but I remember learning about the Egyptians and what they believed in. We even did an Egyptian role play about the after life.

Year 5 & 6: These two years, my school deserved its own category of EPIC FAILS! This is because they TOTALLY messed up the curriculum. They combined EVERYTHING except English and Maths and every term they taught a different theme including one term of Greeks with things like Olympics and their myths and legends. My school decided to use the International Primary Curriculum, and the IPC probably had many benefits if used correctly, BUT my school didn’t really do it well and I didn’t learn much.

In Year 6, everything went barmy. The school got rid of our afternoon break and made everyone read a book instead. This was totally unfair because I needed my break time to hang out with my friends, and everyone deserved their break time too. This decision was not popular with many pupils. And, we were forced to read only the books that the teachers had decided for us, and these were big and incredibly boring books, such as ‘thinking books’ with a lot of ‘meanings’ and ‘reminiscing’. It was so boring that I started doodling on my folder with my fantasy monsters (which I’ll talk about later in another post.) No homework was set and the closest thing to history was COMPARING THE  BAYEUX TAPESTRY WITH AN EMBROIDERY! WHAT THE CHEESE! Anyway, the Bayeux tapestry IS an embroidery. I don’t think comparing the Bayeux Tapestry with an embroidery was relevant to history at all.

I wanted to learn more and I even asked my teacher to teach what the Bayeux Tapestry was but she never taught it.

So, I took matters into my own hands. I asked dad to tell me about the tapestry so he showed me the History of Britain by Simon Schama. I was confused but after that I wanted to know more.

When I found a history book from days gone by, I immediately read about all the kings and saw more history programs. When I joined secondary school, I impressed everyone with my facts and even helped found history club.

Even now I’m desperately trying to learn more history facts. I even know the reign of all the kings and queens!

Now you know why I’m obsessed with history. Random fact: Queen Victoria never said “we are not amused.”


6 thoughts on “Why I like history

  1. Fabulous piece of writing. This should be mandatory reading for all the educationalists – it really shows what the people who matter (the pupils) think about the so-called “improvements” to the English schools system. Well done.

  2. I really enjoyed reading about why you love history. I think it is wonderful that you take such an interest in it because the past has formed the present and we should all know more about it to understand why things are the way they are today. And – The Laughing Housewife is right: there are some fantastic historical novels out there. I have just started reading one myself. It is called “Tides of War” by Stella Tillyard and deals with the Peninsular War and the Duke of Wellington’s efforts to defeat Napoleon. It was great talking to you on Tuesday. You certainly know a lot already.

  3. I love history too! but then again, I should. I am your history teacher!!! I think we may have to get you a card to hold up saying “spoiler alert” as you ALWAYS know my secret picture, mystery etc But I love that you know so much and your passion for History is fantastic 🙂

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