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Ben’s News 28/1/13

Hello! Tomorrow or Wednesday, I will be doing my William II 101. But for now, enjoy more news!

  • Super-fast trains are being planned to link London, Manchester and Leeds. The fast trains will be able to go at 250 mph and they will be starting construction in 2017.
  • Prince William is appealing to help the Royal Marsden cancer hospital by asking people to donate. He hopes to achieve £100 million in 10 years’ time.
  • A tower block in Egypt has collapsed, killing at least 25 people. Poor construction has been blamed for this and similar incidents.
  • An ancient crocodile-dolphin called Tyranneustes (blood-biting swimming tyrant) has been named after over 100 years! The bones were discovered in the early 20th century but haven’t been confirmed as a new species until now! The creature can help scientists discover how reptiles evolved.
  • Doctor Who will start on 30th of March! (It’s important for fans like me so that’s why the news is here).
  • A new study by Queen’s University Belfast shows that crabs and lobsters can actually feel pain. I feel that it’s very cruel to cook crabs and lobsters alive like people normally do, so perhaps crabs and lobsters shouldn’t be cooked straight in boiling water as they can feel pain.

I’m a named animal!

doctor who yay

I’ll be back in March!


About Ben Williams

I'm 16 years old. I like animals, lasagne, comic books, films, role-playing games and Doctor Who. I write cool stuff - Doctor Who, science fiction, film reviews, and quirks about Britain. I have a blue-tongued skink called Georgy and a cat called Billy.

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  1. Woohoo! Doctor Who! Thanks for that bit of news – the only one I can remember from your list I just read 😀

  2. I don’t care who is playing the doctor as long as the plot is cool and the monsters are interesting.

    I’ve seen most Doctors in action and I don’t know which one I like the most.

    Third, Fourth, Seventh, Tenth and Eleventh are my faves though =)


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