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Ben’s News again!

Hello! Just yesterday I published a post, but, as it IS Monday, as promised, there is more news.

  • A Dutch artist has created indoor clouds by using a smoke machine and taking photos of them. The clouds are in the Ronchini Gallery in London.
  • Zambia has banned lion hunting because the president has said that “Tourists come to Zambia to see the lions and if we lose the lion we will be killing our tourism industry.”
  • The Chinese government have cut out bits from Skyfall (the James Bond film) because some scenes had references to the Chinese government and a Chinese guard being beaten. When scenes are cut from a film it’s called censorship.
  • A floating home for astronauts is being designed by NASA so astronauts can travel further to places like Mars. The first pod will be launched in 2015.
  • The most distant dying star has been seen. Nicknamed “Mingus”, the star is 10 billion light years away and has created a super nova which has been seen for the first time on Earth.

Cloud indoors- strange I know


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I'm 16 years old. I like animals, lasagne, comic books, films, role-playing games and Doctor Who. I write cool stuff - Doctor Who, science fiction, film reviews, and quirks about Britain. I have a blue-tongued skink called Georgy and a cat called Billy.

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  1. My husband used to visit Zambia regularly for his work and he never saw one lion – but he was charged by an elephant 🙂


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